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Amniotic Fluid Test


Amniotic Fluid Test

Also known as Amniotic Fluid Analysis Fish Amniotic Fluid
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What is this test?

Amniotic Fluid Analysis FISH Amniotic Fluid is used to analyze the amniotic fluid for common chromosome disorders using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technique. This test is performed during pregnancy to diagnose a chromosomal abnormality or genetic disorder. This test is accurate and has a low rate of false positive results.

What is amniotic fluid and chromosome disorders during pregnancy?

Amniotic fluid is a clear, slightly yellow colored liquid that surrounds, protects, and nourishes the unborn baby (fetus) during pregnancy. This liquid is within the amniotic sac and allows a fetus to move freely within the uterus. The fetus swallows and inhales this liquid and then releases it.

Amniotic fluid is analyzed using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technique to look for chromosomal abnormalities. Using this test, the presence of an abnormal number of (aneuploidy) of chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X, and Y can be determined. Chromosomal abnormality disorders include as Edward’s syndrome (condition in which the baby suffers from severe developmental delays due to an extra chromosome 18), Patau syndrome (a condition that cause intellectual disability and physical abnormalities due to the presence of an extra chromosome 13), and Down syndrome (the genetic disorder which causes developmental and intellectual delays due to the presence of chromosome 21).

Why this test is performed?

This test is performed as part of prenatal testing to diagnose a chromosomal abnormality or genetic disorder. Your doctor may ask to perform this test to detect or diagnose certain genetic diseases or chromosomal abnormalities in an unborn baby, especially during perinatal screening. If you have a family history or high risk of inherited disease or chromosomal abnormalities, you may also be advised to perform this test. This test is also recommended if you have an abnormal fetal ultrasound.

Also known as Fluid Analysis FISH Amniotic Fluid.

Test Preparation

Inform your doctor if you are on any medications, have any allergies or underlying medical conditions before your Amniotic Fluid Test. Your doctor will give specific instructions depending on your condition on how to prepare for Amniotic Fluid Test.

No specific preparation is necessary for this test. However, follow all the instructions given by your healthcare provider.

Understanding your test results

The positive result or presence of an abnormal number of (aneuploidy) of chromosomes 13, 18, and 21 may indicate chromosome disorders.

Presence of an extra chromosome 13 may indicate Patau syndrome, an extra chromosome 18 may indicate Edward’s syndrome and an extra chromosome 21 may indicate Down syndrome.

The negative result or normal pattern of the chromosome may indicate that the likelihood of having any chromosome disorders is less or not.

Based on the test results, your doctor may advise you appropriate medical treatments or further diagnostic tests.

GenderAge groupsValue
FEMALEAll age groupsGreen tinged amniotic fluid indicates fetal distress, yellow colour indicates bilirubin in the fluid
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