Albumin Csf

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What is this test?

Albumin CSF test is used to detect the presence of albumin in your cerebrospinal fluid. This test may help in knowing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. Since albumin is not synthesized or metabolized intrathecally there may be chances of albumin passing blood-brain barrier through the plasma. This test evaluates multiple sclerosis.

What is albumin?

Albumin is a kind of protein required for tissue growth and healing. It is usually present in the blood. Kidneys are responsible for removing waste products in blood and regulating water fluid levels in the body. Kidneys restore nutrients and proteins required for the body especially albumin. During kidney dysfunction or kidney damage albumin is not restored and leaked into the urine. A significant amount of albumin in urine may indicate kidney damage. The presence of albumin in urine is called albuminuria. This causes low levels of albumin in blood.

What is Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)?

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) is a liquid found in the brain and spinal cord. It is clear, watery liquid that protects the brain and spinal cord. CSF is produced and secreted by the cells called choroid plexus in the ventricles (chambers) of the brain. Normally 500 ml of CSF are produced each day, circulated and then absorbed into the blood.

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a barrier that separates the brain from the bloodstream. This barrier helps in the exchange of substances between the blood and the CSF. Any disruption to this barrier may affect the normal level or type of constituents of CSF.

Variety of conditions and diseases can affect the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). Conditions that increase pressure within the brain, bleeding, hydrocephalus (accumulation CSF in the brain), autoimmune diseases such as Guillain-Barre syndrome and multiple sclerosis, infections such as meningitis (infection in the tissue layers that surround the brain and spinal cord), encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), brain tumors, etc may affect normal level or type of constituents of CSF.

Why this test is recommended?

This test may be recommended to you as a part of routine health check-up. This test may also be recommended to you if you are suspected to have toxicity or multiple sclerosis. If you experience symptoms like numbness or weakness in legs, partial loss of vision, prolonged double vision, tingling sensation or pain in body parts, tremors, slurred speech, fatigue, dizziness, lack of coordination, bowel problems, bladder dysfunction, etc this test may be recommended.

Also known as Alb Test CSF.

Test Preparation

Inform your doctor if you are on any medications, have any allergies or underlying medical conditions before your Albumin Csf. Your doctor will give specific instructions depending on your condition on how to prepare for Albumin Csf.

No specific preparation is required for Albumin CSF test.

Understanding your test results

The normal test results may vary depending on gender, age, health history, etc.

If the albumin levels in CSF are increased it may indicate blood-brain barrier damage, increased intrathecal production of IgG. Increased intrathecal IgG production may be possible in the inflammatory spinal cord disease, bacterial meningitis, some tumors, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.

If you get abnormal test results, consult your doctor immediately. Your doctor may recommend other tests depending on your results.

GenderAge groupsValue
UNISEXAll age groups< 150 mg/dl
UNISEX< 18 years< 50 mg/dl
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