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Acid Fast Bacilli MTb - Kanamycin Antibacterial Gradient Infected Tissue


Acid Fast Bacilli MTb - Kanamycin Antibacterial Gradient Infected Tissue

Also known as Afb Mtb - Kanamycin Antibacterial Gradient Infected Tissue
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What is this test?

Kanamycin (marketed under the brand name Kantrex) is an aminoglycoside antibiotic, available in both oral and intravenous forms, and used to treat a wide variety of infections. A gradient strip is a reagent strip that contains a predefined concentration gradient of a specific antibiotic or combination of antibiotics that is used for antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) and antimicrobial resistance detection (ARD). For AST, the result is reported in terms of the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of a specific antimicrobial that prevents the visible growth of bacteria. The "Gradient strip" method is used for AST gradient strips that result in an MIC result. A small strip is impregnated with an antimicrobial drug that has an increasing concentration from one end of the strip to another. The concentrations of the antibiotic are marked along the strip. The strip is placed on the agar surface that has been inoculated by a specified concentration of the isolated organism being tested. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of antibiotics, antifungals, or antimycobacterials is determined by the intersection of the border where microbial growth is inhibited and the concentration of antimicrobial designated on the strip.[CLSI, Methods for Determining Bactericidal Activity of Antimicrobial Agents.

Also known as AFB Sensitivity - Kanamycin Antibacterial Gradient Infected Tissue.

Test Preparation

No special preparation is needed for Acid Fast Bacilli MTb - Kanamycin Antibacterial Gradient Infected Tissue. Inform your doctor if you are on any medications or have any underlying medical conditions or allergies before undergoing Acid Fast Bacilli MTb - Kanamycin Antibacterial Gradient Infected Tissue. Your doctor depending on your condition will give specific instructions.

Understanding your test results

GenderAge groupsValue
UNISEXAll age groupsA result where the drug is sensitive indicates that the patient responds to this antibiotic
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