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The Orthodontic Centre & Cosmetic Dental Clinic

1 Dentist
37 years experience
Sector 50
₹500Consultation Fees
93%202 Patient Stories

Dr. Manish Vishen

11 years experience overall
300 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today

Dr. P S Ahuja

16 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today
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Available Today

Dr. Dhruv Anand

13 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today

Dr. D K Singh

37 years experience overall
Available Today

Dr. Gurbandana Sandhu

24 years experience overall
Available Today

Dr. Shweta Sapra

26 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today

Dr. Sumit Makkar

18 years experience overall
400 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today

Dr. Shikha Gupta

17 years experience overall
400 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today
FAQs on Dentist

1. Who is a dentist?

2. What education qualifications are mandatory for a Dentist?

3. Should I consult a dentist for bad breath?

4. How many sittings does a dentist take for Root canal treatment?

5. Will a dentist perform surgery for wisdom tooth removal?

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Dr. Anurag Ahuja

15 years experience overall
300 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Tomorrow


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Dentist in Noida

1. Who is a dentist?

A dentist is a doctor for your oral health issues, including your mouth, jaw, gums, and teeth. You can go to a dentist for teeth cleaning, filling, extraction, root canal procedure, and for seeking advice on the treatment of oral diseases including gum disease, tooth decay, and mouth cancer. There are several types of dentists, each dealing with a different dental concern. 

2. How do dentists remove tartar from teeth?

Tartar is the hard calcified deposit of bacteria and food particles on your teeth and gums. Dentists use a mirror to see and a scaler (scraping tool) to get rid of tartar in between your teeth and around your gum line. Next, dentists usually brush your teeth using a high-powered electric brush and a gritty (grainy) toothpaste for removal of tartar left behind from the scaler.    

3. Which type of mirror is used by a dentist?

Dentists use a concave mirror to see things at the back of your mouth. A concave mirror has a reflecting surface which is bent inward while the outward surface is polished. It also refracts (bends the direction) light, providing a larger and brighter image without inverting it. 

4. Do dentists use stethoscopes?

Yes, dentists use stethoscopes. A stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for listening to the internal sounds made by your heart, lungs, intestines, and blood flow in arteries and veins. It is useful for verifying ventilation and heartbeats during sedation in dental procedures, and for checking blood pressure.    

5. When is Dentist’s Day?

In India, National Dentist’s Day is celebrated on March 6th every year. This day is set aside to remind everyone to appreciate their dentist, to understand the importance of regular dental checkups, and encourage proper dental care.

6. What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

Dentistry is a broad medical field that deals with the health of your mouth, teeth, gum, and jaw, and orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry. So, a general dentist takes care of your overall dental health, including cleaning and repairing teeth. An orthodontist specialises in tooth and jaw alignment and offers services including retainers, aligners, and braces.

7. What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells made of tooth-coloured material that are permanently attached to the front surface of your teeth to improve their appearance. They are usually made of porcelain or resin-composite materials. Veneers can help with cosmetic concerns such as broken, discolored, or small-sized teeth.    

8. Can I go to a dentist for teeth cleaning?    

Yes, you can. Dentists offer teeth cleaning as part of their services. It generally includes a physical examination of your teeth, removing plaque and tartar from your teeth, cleaning the teeth with a gritty (grainy) toothpaste, flossing, rinsing, and applying fluoride treatment to protect your teeth against future cavities.

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