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144 Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Mtp Doctors in India

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Dr. Shanthala Kumari R

35 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Vinod Bharati

22 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Bhargavi Reddy

31 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Raju Sahetya

45 years experience overall
1500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Ruksana Kusther

24 years experience overall

Dr. Bhanu BT

22 years experience overall

Dr. Sridevi V

46 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Preeti Kale

24 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Triveni M P

23 years experience overall

Dr. Kedar Marathe

19 years experience overall
1000 Consultation fee at clinic

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (mtp)

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Mtp S Doctors In India

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Abortion in India

What is abortion?

Abortion or Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy so that it does not result in the birth of a baby.

What is the legal abortion time limit in India?

Abortion or MTP in India is legal only up to twenty weeks of pregnancy.

Is having an abortion safe?

First of all, go to a qualified well-experienced doctor in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Do not compromise on the qualification and experience of the doctor simply to save money.

What happens during an abortion?

There are two methods of abortion:

  • Oral Method: If the pregnancy is less than three months old, the doctor will suggest you to go for oral abortion. You will be required to sign a form stating that you want the abortion to be done and that you are responsible for it.
    The doctor will give you medicines, all of which you will have to consume in the doctor’s presence. The intake of the medicines can be spread within two or three days.
    There will also be vaginal pills, which the doctor will insert into your vagina.
    After a few hours of taking all the medicines, you may experience strong cramping which can last for a few hours. This will be followed by heavy bleeding, during which time you are expected to pass the pregnancy tissue and blood clots. Once the pregnancy has passed, your bleeding will lessen and become like a heavy period. The bleeding may continue for a day or two till the uterus contracts back to its normal size.  

  • Surgical Method: There are two kinds of surgical abortion depending on how long you have been pregnant:

    • Vacuum aspiration (up to 15 weeks) - In this method, a small suction tube is placed in your cervix and the pregnancy is sucked out.
    • Dilation and evacuation (15-24 weeks)  - In this method, your cervix is gently widened using forceps and the pregnancy is removed using a suction tube.

Please Note: Abortion in India is legal only up to twenty weeks of pregnancy.

Will abortion be painful physically?

The level of pain during an abortion process varies from woman to woman. Some women report that they feel like it is a normal period while others experience pain and discomfort. Painkillers are generally given to minimize the discomfort.

How long will the bleeding continue after an abortion?

The bleeding will vary from woman to woman. Some women bleed heavily, some moderately, some lightly and some not at all, for one to three weeks after the abortion. Some women do not start to bleed until several days after the abortion. Some others stop bleeding and then start again. Some women pass clots, whilst experiencing strong cramps for several days.

What are the side-effects of the of oral medication for abortion?

The side effects of oral medication for abortion include:

What are the possible complications of oral medication for abortion?

Some possible complications of the oral medications are:

  • the abortion pills don’t work and the pregnancy doesn’t end
  • some of the pregnancy tissue is left in your uterus
  • blood clots in your uterus
  • bleeding too much or too long
  • infection
  • allergic reaction to one of the medicines

What are the side-effects of surgical abortion?

Usual side effects of surgical abortions include:

  • bleeding, including blood clots
  • cramping
  • nausea and vomiting
  • sweating
  • feeling faint

What are the complications of surgical abortion?

Some complications which require immediate medical attention after surgical abortion are:

  • passing blood clots that are bigger than a lemon for more than two hours
  • bleeding that is so heavy that you need to change your sanitary pad twice in one hour for approximately two hours straight
  • foul-smelling vaginal discharge
  • fever
  • pain or cramping that gets worse instead of better, especially after 48 hours
  • pregnancy symptoms that persist after one week

Are there before and after guidelines for a surgical abortion?

You will have to undergo a physical exam, ultrasonography, and some blood tests before undergoing a surgical abortion.
The doctor and staff will educate you on what to expect during the surgical procedure, the self-care instructions, the side-effects you might experience, and possible complications which signal that you need to call your doctor immediately.

When will my periods return to normal after an abortion?

Your period should return to normal four to eight weeks following your abortion.

Does having an abortion increase my risk of breast cancer?

Abortion is not associated with an increase in breast cancer risk.

Will having an abortion affect my ability to get pregnant in the future?

Abortions which have not had any complications will pose no risk to a woman’s future reproductive health. If infections crop up, then there are chances of damage to the fallopian tubes, which in turn can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy or fertility problems.
Swift medical intervention in such a case can easily prevent the risk.

Do women who have had an abortion suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder?

The emotional after-effects of an abortion might vary from woman to woman. Some women might feel a sense of loss, depression, and sadness. Other might feel immense relief. Some others may encounter feelings of anger, confusion, shame, and guilt. On the whole, studies show that there is no long-term psychological distress associated with abortion.

When can I have sex after abortion?

You will need to ask your doctor regarding this. Though most of the doctors under ideal circumstances may suggest that you can continue with your sex life after two to three weeks of abortion, since light vaginal bleeding may continue for up to two weeks after the abortion.

But, please keep in mind that though it may be several weeks after your abortion before you menstruate again, you could ovulate in the first week or two after your abortion, meaning, you could get pregnant right away. Therefore, it is advisable to start using contraceptives and condom immediately if you do not wish to become pregnant right away.

Are follow-up visits necessary?

Follow-up visits are extremely necessary to make sure there are no complications. Please visit the doctor according to the appointments scheduled for you.

What is the cost of an abortion in India?

Cost of Abortion can vary depending upon the city/locality,  clinic/hospital type & amenities, experience of the provider, stage of pregnancy, whether it is medical or surgical abortion, patient's general condition etc. Typically, the cost of medical abortion may range from Rs. 3,000 to Rs, 10,000.

Surgical abortion varies depending on the type of surgery, hospital facilities, complications involved, and post-op care. The cost can range anywhere between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 35,000 In India.

Please consult your doctor to get the exact treatment plan and price quote suiting your unique needs.

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