Fat Transfer For Breast Enhancement: Cost, & Risks


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How is fat grafting/transfer for breast enhancement/augmentation done? 

Fat grafting for breast augmentation consists of two separate procedures done on the same day. 

The First Procedure - Removing Fat Tissue

  1. You are administered the required dosage of local anesthesia.
  2. The doctor then manually removes fat tissue from parts of your body where fat is not desired such as, thighs, belly, and buttocks through liposuction, which is minimally invasive.

The Second Procedure - Fat Tissue Is Injected Into Breasts

  1. The harvested fat tissue is processed; which involves separating unwanted components such as blood, oil, and water.
  2. Following that, the doctor injects the fat tissue with the help of very fine needles into the areas of the breasts which need enhancement. The fat cells are injected into multiple areas of the breasts to enhance the results of the fat transfer.

Are there any side effects of fat transfer for breast enhancement/augmentation?

Fat transfer or grafting for breast augmentation/enhancement is an area in which extensive studies need to be conducted still. This procedure is currently not FDA approved.

Some side effects that have been observed are:

  • formation of oil cysts or calcification which can occur if the injected fat cells do not survive in the breastsThis can happen as the breast tissue is very different from fat.  For injected fat to survive in the breast tissue, the fat has to be very carefully and evenly distributed. When calcifications occur, they can be seen on mammograms, which may interfere with breast cancer detection.
  • stimulation of cell growth by the fat cells after the fat cells are injected, which doctors fear may cause dormant breast cancer cells to grow.
  • the injected fat cells may get reabsorbed by the body, which may result in the loss of breast volume over time. This is usually a long-term effect.

Other risks include:

  • the general risks of anesthesia
  • risks of infection
  • bleeding
  • achieving a lesser breast size than expected

More than one session may be needed in some cases to achieve the desired shape and size of the breast.

After a fat transfer, there will be bruising, swelling, and some discomfort which may last a couple of days or upto two weeks. 

What are the pre and post-procedure guidelines related to fat transfer for breast enlargement?

Prior to the surgery: 

  • if you are on blood thinners, you will be asked to stop taking them at least 10-15 days.
    you will also be advised to stop smoking at least two weeks. 

After undergoing a fat transfer for breast augmentation, it is advisable to:

  • avoid vigorous physical activity including exercises and sexual activity for up to four weeks after the procedure
  • avoid lying on your stomach for the first two to three weeks after the procedure

You will be required to wear compression garments on the liposuction sites and sports bras for 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

How long will it take to recover from a fat grafting for breast augmentation/enhancement procedure? 

  • As with most treatments, the recovery period after this procedure varies from patient to patient. 
  • You can return to work after around two weeks of the surgery, i.e. if it is a desk job. 
  • Strenuous exercises can be resumed after a month of the surgery. 
  • The overall healing time can be anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

Am I an ideal candidate for fat grafting for breast augmentation/enhancement?

If you are above 22 years of age, healthy with no history of breast cancer and seek natural looking firmer breasts with a modest increase of size, which is about a half or full cup size, then you are an ideal candidate for fat transfer. 

What is the price of fat transfer for breast augmentation/enlargement/enhancement surgery in India? 

The price of fat grafting/transfer for breast enhancement in India is Rs. 100,000 - Rs. 2,00,000 depending on the volume of fat transfer and the hospital facilities. 

Are the results of fat grafting for breast augmentation/enhancement permanent?

If done correctly, the results of fat transfer for breast augmentation are permanent. The fat that remains after 6 months is considered to be permanent.

The key is to find a well qualified and highly experienced surgeon. 

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Verified User
Please give me a genuine suggestion about fat transfer in breast did it work and how much percnt of breast increases in size and its safe
Dr. Rajesh Jain
Consultant Physician, Jalgaon
Consult nearby cosmetic surgeon in person
They can guide you precisely
Dr. Bipin Ninan Abraham
General Physician, Bangalore
Fat transfer takes a person's own viable fat cells and injects them into other areas of the body to increase volume. Fat transfer can also be called fat grafting or fat injection. The procedure is fairly complex. Fat must be harvested as to preserve the integrity of the fat cells, after which the fat cells are washed before insertion to the part required. Concentration of the surviving fat, washing the fat and skill of plastic surgeon will affect results. These results can be long-lasting, but should not be considered permanent because as you age and lose volume, the fat-grafting procedure may have to be repeated. You may also require multiple injections to achieve the desired results and the effects of the procedure can only be figured out after 3 months of the procedure so that the swelling reduces.
Verified User
Hi my age is 22 & my breast size is very small,  what I have to do for breast enlargement... Please help me & give some idea
Dr. Pavan Murdeshwar
Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
Hello mam. There are certain workouts which definitely increases the prominence of the breasts by putting up some muscular bulk beneath it. But might take longer than you expected. Few of the massages also do increase the size, but very slowly and steadily and only upto few extent. Very few ppl are aware about the surgeries which can help you gain the required size and shape with very minimal side effects. such as the simple mammoplasty, fat grafting or implants. u can text me online through this site for more details or visit my clinic
Dr. B K Madhusudan
Homeopath, Bangalore
I have answered for the similar question asked by many here.
The size of the breasts can not be changed as such.
But there are treatments in Homoeopathy, wherein we can surely improve the looks, without surgical intervention. You can visit to know more & for treatment. Good luck
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Did you know?

Fat transfer for breast enhancement is not ideal for all women

If you seek an increase of two or more cup sizes after your breast augmentation, a fat transfer procedure may not be the ideal and effective solution for you. Fat transfer for breast enhancement is generally appropriate for women who want to enhance their appearance in quite a subtle way and do not want to add very significant volume to their breasts.

Fat transfer for breast reconstruction in cancer patients

If you are recovering from breast cancer surgery, and have opted for breast reconstruction, the cosmetic surgeon may recommend the use of fat grafting or fat transfer procedures in addition to implants. Fat transfer in addition to an implant can reduce the appearance of rippling and harsh lines and enhance the breast silhouette. It will provide a natural look as well as feel for your breasts and will make you feel comfortable with your body as you recover from the illness.

Fat transfer for breast enhancement provides a natural feel

Fat transfer for breast enhancement provides a very natural feel compared to silicone, saline, or gummy bear implants. Furthermore, using your own fat to enhance your breast eliminates most of the potential complications that accompany breast implants.

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