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Dr.Ashish M Narsana
Fever - How bad it is for our Body. Do's and Don'ts of Fever.Once at evening an anxious mother called me for her daughter, who has consulted me on previous evening for acute upper respiratory tract in
Tips to Avoid and Cure Cold - Fever Naturally
Dr.Manoj Madhukar Deshpande
Protect Yourself From THESE things To Avoid Cold-FlueIn cold and rainy season ,avoid cold drinks,cold food stuff, cold water ,refrigerated food items because excess coldness increases susceptibility o
Save Your Self From Fever
Dr Omkar Singh
As the monsoon season is coming and the dictum “Prevention is better than cure” has always been right, few precautions are advised. Foremost important is to avoid contacts with Mosquitoes at any
My Child Has Fever! What to Do?
Dr. Sreedhar RS
Fever is one of the most commonly encountered  problem in a child . It is really a testing time for the whole family to manage a child with fever. Fever is considered bad and most of the worry &n
Fevers-Pyrexia of Unknown Origin--PUO
Dr.Neelam Nath Bhatia
Day 1- Patient X has fever for a day in the range of 99-102 degree F. Symptoms are Shivering off an on but not wrapping a blanket kind. X wants fans to be switched off, has taken a dose of Parace
Things to Know About a Fever
Dr.Vimal S. Rachchh
A fever is a body temperature that is higher than normal ( around 98.6 'F ). Normal body temperature vary depending on many factors including age, sex, time of day, activity level and more. A raised t
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