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Eat Your Way to Stronger Bones!
Ms.Priyam Sharma
Old age makes bones weak and brittle. This is MYTH. In fact, poor nutrition and unhealthy food habits are one of the main reasons for bones to lose strength and density. Bones, like all other tis
Nutrition for Healthy and Strong Bones
Ms.Swati Kapoor
Strong bones are an essential part of our body’s basic structure. A solid foundation spells lower risk of injury and improved health as we age. A good diet, with sufficient calcium sources and a regul
Bone Health: Tips to Keep Your Bones Healthy
Dr.Vinay Gupta
Bones play many roles in the body — providing structure, protecting organs, anchoring muscles and storing calcium. It’s a fact of life: As you age, your bones lose their density & one becomes more
Strengthen Your Bones With These Tips
Ms.Swati Kapoor
Bones are always at a risk of Osteoporosis, especially the spine, hip and wrist bones. They get stronger once you use them, so exercise acts as a medicine for people suffering from bone related diseas
Bone Health After 40's
Ms.Dt. Shruti Karnik
Osteoporosis is a disease in which the density and quality of bone are reduced, leading to weakness of the skeleton and increased risk of fracture, particularly of the spine, hip and wrist. Osteoporos
Alveolar Bone Grafting in Cleft Surgery
Dr.Kamlesh Kothari
Alveolar bone grafting surgery is one of the most important parts of treating cleft lip, alveolus, and cleft palate defect. Therefore, it is essential for the patients to get treated at the right poin
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