Diagnostics Terms and Conditions

Qikwell Technologies India Private Limited (“QTIPL” or “we”) is the service provider of services mentioned below. QTIPL under the brand name ‘Practo’ operates the said services through https://www.practo.com and the mobile application ‘Practo’ (together, “Website”).
Please carefully go through these terms and conditions (“Terms”) and the privacy policy available at https://www.practo.com/company/privacy (“Privacy Policy”) before you decide to access the Website or avail the services. These Terms and the Privacy Policy together constitute a legal agreement (“Agreement”) between you and QTIPL in relation to the Services (as defined below).
QTIPL is inter alia engaged in providing healthcare services, in the form of pathology/diagnostics services. We cater to the needs of patients/Users/Sample Provider where they need to get various tests done. These could be for the purpose of conducting regular tests or the specific test that the hospitals/clinics/medical practitioners recommend. Our phlebotomists/logistics partners will come to your doorstep to procure the samples and reports shall be provided by us online.

  1. Information that shall be collected from you may include but does not limit to:
    • Your Name,
    • Your date of birth,
    • Your prescription (if applicable),
    • Your test details,
    • Your gender,
    • Name of the doctor who prescribed the tests (if applicable),
    • Your email id,
    • Your address,
    • Your phone number,
    • Your financial information and such other details as may be required from time to time.
  2. Other Terms:
    • You agree to provide the details sought above, for the purposes mentioned herein. We will have access not just to your details but to your reports and health records as well.
    • You understand and agree that your personal information, health records, shall reside with us and may be used for R&D purposes or shared with third parties, to bring better user experience, by sometimes prompting you to take tests regularly if there is a lifestyle disease / such other concern highlighted at the time of booking or otherwise.
    • You understand that QTIPL undertakes risk assessment, but this is provided to the best of our knowledge. They are based on reports based on tests undertaken at labs and scientific studies available in public domains (some of which are listed below). This is not meant to be professional advice and you should always consult a physician before making any medical decisions.
    • You understand that we may sometimes reach out to you or record all your calls with us and/or placed through us to laboratories and/or logistics partner, for investigative purposes.
    • The Sample Provider shall provide the valid prescription, if required and applicable, issued by a doctor which contains the tests that are to be conducted, for which the phlebotomist is required to collect the samples from the Sample Provider.
    • The Sample Providers may be required to provide a valid proof of identification to the phlebotomist.
    • The Sample Provider explicitly provides consent to the phlebotomists /QTIPL for collection of the requisite samples from the Sample Provider.
    • The services provided by QTIPL are for the purpose of enabling diagnostic discovery of patient’s condition for which the relevant test/ procedure is prescribed/ recommended, and for no other purpose.
    • QTIPL shall use the Website to enable booking of appointments for pathology services including but not limited to home collection of samples by phlebotomist, delivery of reports and such related services.
    • The process of home collection shall be conducted by the phlebotomists as per QTIPL standard operating procedures and policies. However, in the event any Sample Provider has a special request, the same may be communicated to QTIPL at the time of booking the appointment so that QTIPL and phlebotomists are enabled appropriately to handle the said request.
    • The invoice will be provided to the Sample Provider online by QTIPL either before or after the home collection service. Payment towards the said invoice may be made either by electronic mode or cash on delivery (i.e., at the time of collection of samples).
    • In the event the Sample Provider has any complaints regarding the home service collection, phlebotomists, pathology report, equipment and the like, the same can be reported to care@practo.com.
    • In case of any deficiency of service by QTIPL, where such deficiency is attributable to QTIPL, QTIPL shall perform the home collection and pathology service free of cost for the Sample Provider or QTIPL shall provide credits that can be utilized for other services from QTIPL for the amount payable for the service/ test availed, to the Sample Provider. The said determination shall be at QTIPL’s sole and absolute discretion and our decision in this regard shall be final and binding on the Sample Provider.
    • In the event the deficiency of service is due to any reason attributable to the Sample Provider and/or his agent/ representative, in such case QTIPL shall not be liable to the Sample Provider in any manner whatsoever. The Sample Provider acknowledges that QTIPL may provide these healthcare diagnostic services, including testing and analysis of samples, either through its own laboratories or through outsourced service providers; QTIPL bears no responsibility for any indirect damage, loss or consequence suffered by the Sample Provider owing to the particulars/results of the report. The liability of QTIPL shall be limited to the value of the consideration paid by the patient/User for any such test availed through QTIPL.
    • All the information provided by Sample Providers shall be accurate and authentic. It is explicitly clarified that QTIPL does not validate any information provided by the Sample Provider. In the event of any non-compliance, non-adherence, breach of any Terms herein by the Sample Provider, QTIPL reserves the right to refuse providing services to the Sample Provider.
    • All the information provided by Sample Providers shall be dealt with in accordance with these Terms and the Privacy Policy.
    • All general Terms shall govern this T&C to the extent applicable. Decision of QTIPL is final and binding on the issues arising under this T&C.
    • We reserve the right to modify or terminate any portion of this T&C for any reason and at any time. You should read this T&C at regular intervals. Your availing of the pathology and home collection services and/or use of the Website following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by this T&C/Agreement so modified.
  3. Diagnostic Test Booking with discount coupon codes
    • Discount coupon codes and the associated terms/ discounts may vary from scheme to scheme.
  4. Refund Policy/Cancellation:
    • In case there is a no show from the Phlebotomist / laboratories and/or logistics partner, at your home, then we would indicate the same beforehand, should we fail to do so, you could contact us at: support@practo.com
    • If there are instances where you have made payments online and the Phlebotomist / laboratories and/or logistics partner, are unable to book appointment/collect samples from you, we would refund your money completely within ten (10) working days.
    • If there is a no show from you either at your home for collection of samples or at the laboratories, then we would not reimburse the amount paid to us unless upon further investigation by QTIPL there is a genuine reason for such no show, in which case QTIPL may at its discretion decide to reimburse such amount.
  5. Reach out to us:
    • Should you intend to request stopping of notifications, you can do so, by sending mail request to support@practo.com.
    • Should you have any recommendations or such other requests, you could reach out to us at support@practo.com.