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Practo Guarantee - Terms & Conditions

Practo Guarantee Terms & Conditions have been introduced to ensure you always get to meet the doctor you’ve booked an appointment with, through Practo.
If you are unable to meet your doctor, you stand eligible for an e-gift voucher worth Rs. 1000 subject to, at all times, the terms and conditions mentioned herein below (“Guarantee Claim”).

How to claim the voucher ?

  • 1.Call us on +91-88807-09191 or write to us at
  • 2.Provide your appointment ID.
  • 3.If your appointment qualifies for a Guarantee Claim, post verification by our team we will send the voucher to your registered email ID.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1.Guarantee Claims (subject to Section 5 herein below) are applicable only on appointments made using ‘Book Appointment’ button on or Practo App.
  • 2.Guarantee claim requests will only be accepted within 5 days from the scheduled appointment date.
    • 2.1E.g. If the Practitioner, you booked an appointment with, cancels/reschedules or doesn’t turn up on 25 Jan 2017, then claim made till 30 Jan 2017 will be valid.
  • 3.Appointment ID must match with the registered mobile number of the User.
  • 4.Guarantee claim is valid under following circumstances.
    • 4.1You are at the clinic and unable to meet the doctor with whom you booked your appointment (subject to exceptions in section 5)
    • 4.2Your appointment has been cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment time.
    • 4.3Your appointment has been rescheduled(postponed) to the next day or later, within 2 hours of your original appointment time.
    • 4.4Your appointment has been rescheduled(preponed) to a time that is more than 30 mins prior to your original appointment time, and the rescheduling is done within 2 hours of your original appointment time.
      • i.E.g. If your original appointment is on 8 June - 1 p.m, and it is rescheduled (rescheduling is done anytime between 11 am - 1 pm ) to a time prior to 8 June - 12:30 p.m.
  • 5.Guarantee claim is NOT valid under following circumstances.
    • 5.1Your appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, due to your personal reasons or unavailability.
      • i.E.g. If you/your friends/family cancel or reschedule due to any reason.
      • ii.E.g. If anyone from practice/the Practitioner, you booked an appointment with, cancels or reschedules on your behalf or as per your request, and not due to Practitioner’s unavailability.
    • 5.2Your appointment has been cancelled more than 2 hours prior to your original appointment time.
    • 5.3Your appointment has been rescheduled to a later time on the scheduled appointment day.
    • 5.4You are required to wait, even after the appointment time slot has started, to be consulted by the Practitioner. Such claims will be handled on a case by case basis.
    • 5.5You have booked an appointment within last 2 hours 15 mins of the appointment time and you are informed of any cancellation or rescheduling of appointment within 15 mins of the booking time.
    • 5.6You have received 2 Guarantee claims in the past 45 days. (45 days counted from day of first appointment for which guarantee claim was paid).
    • 5.7You have been provided with guarantee claim for an appointment in a practice for a particular day.
      • i.E.g : You have an appointment with Dr. Megha in Test Dental Clinic, JP Nagar at 10:00 a.m, 15 June and you have received a guarantee claim for this, then if there is an appointment for you with Dr. Neha in Test Dental Clinic, JP Nagar at 14:00 p.m , 15 June a guarantee claim for this appointment will not be considered.
    • 5.8Your appointment is on a holiday, or national / state-wide shutdown (planned or unplanned) like strikes, bandhs etc. Upcoming holidays in 2017 on which Guarantee Claim is not valid are:
      Dates Festival
      28 - 29 September Durga Puja
      30 September Dusshera
      2 October Mahtma Gandhi Jayanti
      18 - 19 October Diwali
      1 November Kannada Rajyotsav
      25 December Christmas
      1 January New Year
      28 - 29 September
      Durga Puja
      30 September
      2 October
      Mahtma Gandhi Jayanti
      18 - 19 October
      1 November
      Kannada Rajyotsava
      25 December
      1 January
      New Year
    • 5.9You are unable to reach the clinic at your confirmed appointment time
    • 5.10In adverse cases beyond the reasonable control of the Practitioner like acts of god, nature - flood, fire, etc., when Business-As-Usual is not possible.
  • 6.Only one voucher is valid for any registered mobile number, for a particular doctor in a clinic on a particular day.
  • 7.The Guarantee Claim voucher will only be issued in the name of the registered User who booked the appointment.
  • 8.The e-gift voucher can neither be transferred to someone else nor can it be redeemed for cash.
  • 9.Practo reserves the right to not offer this guarantee to patients with repeated instances of ‘patient no show’ post booking appointment and suspected fraud patients.
  • 10.The above mentioned specific terms relating to Practo Guarantee are without prejudice to the rest of the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy available on the Practo website/ Application.
  • 11.Practo reserves the right to make the final decision in the case of a conflict.
  • 12.Practo reserves the right to revoke Practo Guarantee without any prior notice.
  • 13.Practo Guarantee was launched on 8th June 2016.
  • 14.All capitalized terms used, and not otherwise expressly defined in this terms and conditions have the meaning given to such terms in the Practo Terms & Conditions