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Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic

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Uppilipalayam, Coimbatore

3/5, Perks Arch Main Road, Uppilipalayam, Raja Lakshmi Mills Bus Stop, Trichy Road, Coimbatore - 641015, Coimbatore

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Vegetable Clinic :Vegetable are rich source of soluble, insoluble and resistant fibers. Fibers play a major role in body anabolism, metabolism and catabolism. Each and every vegetable have their own unique property which serves as a life saving medicine for a specific disease or disorder. It is time to pick up which vegetable suits for us the most to achieve complete health. Vegetableclinic.com simplifies this task by fixing an appointment with the physician and communicating through online or meeting him in person.Unique Approach :Perfection and accuracy in diagnosing root cause of a disease or disorder simplifies the treatment with single remedy. More than 80% of the diseases or disorder are psychosomatic . Here medical is in demand of some emotional understanding. Diagnosing is an art having roots with science. Unique way of approach of vegetable clinic integrates both medical and mental fitness and keeps the person in more comfortable way.Therapy Duration :Majority people are in great demand of nutrients and fiber. When body receives this two it immediately response and alerts the psychoneuroimmunology system to act in a fastest way to achieve homeostatic condition. People with discomfort can be relieved from their difficulties within just few days. Adopting nutritional way of life for a few months will give a symptomatic relief. When this is made into a habit then we are blessed by God as a healthy person free from all diseases and disorders. It is gift of GOD who blessed humans with this divine natural source of leaves, vegetables and fruits. It is our part to benefit this in a wise way.Consultation :Vegetableclinic.com extends its service with online consultation features. Payment should be made before consulting online. Person who wants to approach in person can fix an online or phone appointment. Review will be made according to the condition which may differ from person to person. Any doubts in adapting this system should be cleared immediately by phone or by mail. We are ready to serve you. We feel proud that Almighty has given a chance to serve his children through the medium called “Yogeshwar Vegetable Clinic”.

Post graduate Diploma in Alternative medicine, Diploma in Acupuncture, Homeo Herbal Acupuncturist

13 years experience


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