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Khajuri Kalan
Dr. Geetanjali Jha

Dr. Geetanjali Jha - Homoeopath

Dr. Geetanjali Jha

BHMS , MA - Psychology


Homoeopath , 7 Years Experience

Medical Registration Verified
Dr. Geetanjali Jha is homoeopath registered with the M.P. Homoeopathic council and central council of homoeopathy and have an experience of 6 years in clinical more..
Occasionally , my father observed that right side in his brain some blood circulation being taking place during sleeping time, while at work, during middle of conversation etc, During this time, right hand will get goose bumps till the end of fingers. The duration of this type of symptom will be for few seconds, maximum 30 sec., He is not feeling any headache, pain or any type of inconvenience., But, he is getting fear. As no negative reports in EEG, MRI SCAN, CT SCAN,etc., doctors telling "nothing to worry". But, what to do ? What type of decease it is? What type of medicines to be used ? When it will stop ? Under what circumstances, it is being repeated ? We want a detailed reply. it is not migraine as he is not having any pain, and after 30 sec, he will be normal. IO NECK PROBLEM; SOME BODY TELLS IT IS DUE T O SEIZURES; ETC., BUT, NO CONFIRMATION FROM ANY ONE WHAT TYPE OF MEDICINES TO BE USED. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE PROBLEM. BUT, NO PAIN. BUT, DUE TO THIS HE IS BECOMING DULL.

20 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

Hello sir, by the detailed description that you have given, it seems that there is no pathological p ... View Answer

Itching inside vagaina and it increases in night sometimes it hurts too what should i do i need help in medication

81 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

It seems that you have some vaginal infection. It would be good if you visit a gynecologist and get ... View Answer

Hi.the upper skin of my eyes always cover with dandruff. I have consulted many eyes specialists. They said this is due to hair dandruff.I have 2.8years daughter.whose eyes upper skin has bcom a layer of dandruff. Plz suggests me what I do.

27 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

I can see that you belong to Bengaluru, the weather there is very favourable for skin infections. Th ... View Answer

Is arnica a clinical remidy which treats the symptoms as long as it is taken or is it a deep acting remidy that can remove a disease(neurogenic hypertension in my case) constitutionaly the drug picture matches about 40% to my symptoms . All tests like blood culture,ecg etc are normal.Currently my homeopath has put me on thuja ,sulphur,raowolfia,cactus,crategus,5 phos,staphysagaria. Previously he had started with plustila, anacardium,aconite,arsenic,kali this,nux vomica. Then on baryta mur for 14 days. I am Hypersensitive and overweight and also have some degree of white coat hypertension. My doctor told me that I have psoric and psycotic miasms. Unfortunately none of medication has worked so far. Now I feel worried and helpless just arnica with him.requesting for kind help from doctors regarding arnica or any other drug which may be discussed.thanks..

57 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

Sir, ditch your Homoeopath as soon as possible. Only clueless Homoeopaths prescribe so many meds at ... View Answer

Mam i am suffering with dermoid cyst in ovary .can i have complete cure through homeopathy. please mam i would like to get cured

88 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

Yes, cysts can be cured through Homoeopathy, though we may not be able to give you a prescription on ... View Answer

I have been prescribed bryta mur 30 c for systolic hypertension. wanted to know is it like any anti hypersensitive med which must be taken life long or does it have deep acting curative effect which can completely cure the disease.

70 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

If you wish to get rid of hypertension completely, please practice yoga and Meditation. You may con ... View Answer

Can homeopathy cute dandruff? I have tried the best shampoos they don't work. Need help. My friend told homeopathy can cure anything including recurring dandruff

84 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

Yes Homoeopathy can cure dandruff, shampoos are not effective in curing dandruff. For starters you ... View Answer

I am not able to open my mouth full only 2 finger are going inside,because of pan masala it will happen. Is there is any solution for that.

78 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

Kindly stop eating pan masala altogether and visit a Homoeopath as soon as possible!

How we remove all toxins from body with the help of homeopathy. What is diet plan during this period & in how many days we can remove all toxins from our body. Please guide me

73 Views 3 Bookmarks h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

Hello sir. It is possible to remove toxins from body, though use of homeopathic medicine for the sa ... View Answer

On Sincere request.. I really need a strategy on my skin Dryness and acne which come on a rdgular basis in every week.... Its been a year...i have been drinking water 3 litres every day.. Still no success.... I seriously need advice on this and want my face skin to be clear and firm like other men... I have been dreaming of it from last 2 years.... Hope any doctor goves a good strategy... I know a dermatologist would look and advice into this but i would prefer a homeopathy... I need it sincerely... Thanks

73 Views h

Dr. Geetanjali Jha answered

It is a general belief that oily skin is prone to acne, but it is a myth that Only oily skin is pron ... View Answer

Khajuri Kalan

, Bhopal

Dr. Geetanjali's Homoeopathic Clinic

2, Shri Ram Parisar, Awadhpuri, Landmark : Near BHEL, Bhopal

Dr. Geetanjali's Homoeopathic Clinic - Image 1


5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

INR 200

This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic.There are NO charges for booking an appointment.

This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic. There are NO charges for booking an appointment.

Blood Pressure Test
Choronic Health Issues Management
Insomnia (Sleeplessness)
Fitness Training
Nutritional Medicine
Depression Treatment
Concentration Problems
Marriage Counselling
Marital Problems
Pre Marital Problems
low confidence
Divine Healing




BHMS - Sophia Homeopathic Medical College, 2009

MA - Psychology - IGNOU, 2014

Practo verification pending. Please upload degree proof by clicking on "i" icon. Ignore if already done.


2009 - 2016 Owner at Dr Geetanjali's Clinic

Awards and Recognitions

Member of SSDT - 2012


Central Council of Homeopathy


CCH-5021 Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH), 2014

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Eye flu or Conjunctivitis is very common during the monsoons. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the white part (conjunctiva) of the eyes. Due to inflammation, the blood vessels in the conjunctiva become enlarged, thus giving a red or pink appearance to the [...]

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Drug Energy Transmission Through Homoeopathy. Introduction to Homoeopathy Part 2.

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1)      Law of Similia

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To begin with I would like to introduce to you all the latest method of [...]

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