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32 Otoplasty Doctors in Bangalore

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Dr. Manaswini Ramachandra

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
16 years experience overall

Dr. Naveen Kumar

Plastic Surgeon
20 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Srinivas Kunku

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
21 years experience overall

Dr. P Harihara Murthy

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
33 years experience overall

Dr. Shalina Ray

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
25 years experience overall

Dr. Anithakumari AM

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
28 years experience overall

Dr. Girish Anand M S

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
27 years experience overall
1100 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Neha Chauhan

Plastic Surgeon
18 years experience overall
1500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Ashok B C

Plastic Surgeon
34 years experience overall
FAQs on Otoplasty Surgery
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Dr. Vijay Rangachari

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
24 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic


Otoplasties Doctors In Bangalore

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Otoplasty in Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is also known as Cosmetic ear surgery or Ear pinning or Ear re-shaping surgery. This procedure involves changing the shape or size or position of the ear. Otoplasty is mainly performed for aesthetic purposes which can improve the self-image. This is a minimally invasive surgery that is safe and effective.

What are the advantages of Otoplasty?

The following are the advantages of Otoplasty:

  1. It is a minimally invasive surgery
  2. The shape of the ear can be corrected
  3. The balanced between the two ears can be achieved
  4. The disfigured or abnormal ear can be corrected
  5. Gives new look to the face
  6. Improves confidence and self-esteem after correcting the ears

What are the indications of Otoplasty?

The following are the indications of Otoplasty:

  1. If the ear or ears are not in proportion or in symmetry to the head
  2. If the ears stick out far from the head
  3. If the patient is not satisfied with the previous surgery
  4. If the ears are protruding
  5. Deformed or misshapen ears
  6. Too small ears
  7. The tip of the ear folds down and forward
  8. Enlarged earlobes

What is the preparation for Otoplasty?

Following steps are required for an individual for preparation of Otoplasty:

  1. Should know all the benefits, risks, and complications associated with the Otoplasty.
  2. Explain clearly to the surgeon about the changes that you are expecting.
  3. Avoid having food for at least 6 hours before the surgery. This way the risk of inhaling stomach contents into the lungs will be reduced.
  4. Also, avoid applying any creams or makeup on the day of surgery. 
  5. Take all the medications as instructed by your doctor.
  6. The patient may be asked to quit smoking for at least 1 week before the surgery.
  7. The surgeon might take pictures of the ears before the surgery to compare with the results.

What are the steps involved in Otoplasty?

The type of surgical procedure for Otoplasty may vary according to the type of correction that is being made to the ears.

The general steps included in Otoplasty are as follows:

  1. General anesthesia and a sedative will be given to reduce the pain and relax the patient.
  2. Blood pressure, pulse, heart rhythm, oxygen saturation, etc will be continuously monitored during the procedure.
  3. The surgeon will make incisions at the site that is to be corrected. Later these incisions are closed with the help of the sutures.

What is the postprocedure care/recovery care for Otoplasty?

The following are the post-care steps to be followed after Otoplasty:

  1. The operated area will be covered with the bandages after the procedure.
  2. The patient will be given headband to use at night for at least 2-6 weeks.
  3. The ears will be swollen and red for the next few days. Prefer wearing loose clothing that is easy to wear without disturbing the ears. 
  4. Do not let soap come into contact with the sutures.
  5. Do not use lotions, creams, make-up, etc. around the operated area.
  6. Headphones or earphones or any such devices should not be used for the next few days until the swelling and pain are reduced.
  7. Avoid going for a swim after the surgery at least for a week.
  8. Avoid going to crowded places and dusty areas to reduce complications like getting infections.
  9. Follow all the instructions given by the doctor.
  10. There should be follow-up visits to the doctor after this surgery after two days, the following week, and then again after a month to monitor the ear.

Who can perform Otoplasty [Right specialist type for Otoplasty]?

Otoplasty can be performed by a certified and skilled Plastic surgeon (Cosmetic surgeon) who is specialized and well experienced in performing Otoplasty.

What is the cost of Otoplasty?

Cost of Otoplasty depends on factors such as:

  1. Admission fee
  2. Doctor fee
  3. Type of hospital
  4. Age of the patient
  5. Type of surgical procedure
  6. The medical condition of the patient
  7. Post-surgical complications that are involved
  8. The admission room that you opted for
  9. Any other lab tests or examination tests such as X-ray, scanning, etc. 

The minimum cost in Bangalore starts from Rs.50,000

An average cost in Bangalore is approximately Rs.85,000

The maximum cost in Bangalore can rise up to Rs.1,50,000

Is Otoplasty a major surgery or minor surgery?

Otoplasty is considered a minor surgery as it is minimally invasive and the scars left by the incisions will be disappeared. 

What is the eligibility criteria for Otoplasty?

Anybody who is not satisfied with their ears or wants to change the shape of the ears can undergo this surgery. The only eligibility criteria for Otoplasty is that the ears should be fully formed. Individuals above 5 years can undergo this surgery.

What is the ineligibility criteria for Otoplasty?

The following are the ineligibility criteria for Otoplasty:

  1. Individuals with active infection
  2. Individuals whose immune system is weak
  3. Chronic smokers 

What are the risks and complications associated with Otoplasty?

The following are the risks involved in Otoplasty:

  1. Scarring of the ear tissue
  2. Bleeding
  3. Changes in sensation (numbness)
  4. Overgrowth of scar tissue
  5. Impaired healing
  6. Infection at the site of the incision
  7. Overcorrection
  8. Problems with the sutures

How long does it take to complete Otoplasty?

The duration of Otoplasty may vary according to many factors like:

  1. Type of correction being made
  2. Anatomy of the ear
  3. Surgery involving one or two ears

However, the approximate duration for Otoplasty is 2 hours. 

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time of the Otoplasty may vary from one person to the other person. Generally, it may take about 2-4 days to remove the bandages and 2-3 weeks to heal.  

What is the success rate of Otoplasty?

The success rate of Otoplasty may depend on the surgeon who is performing, the patient, etc. The approximate success rate of Otoplasty is about 90%.  

Is Otoplasty painful?

Every surgery comes with a certain level of pain and some discomfort. You won't be experiencing pain during this process because you will be under general anesthesia. There may be some discomfort after the procedure. 

Is Otoplasty Permanent?

Otoplasty is the surgical correction of the ear's shape or symmetry. The changes made during this process are permanent. If the changes made are not satisfactory then the surgery can be repeated. 

Can Otoplasty be detected in the future?

Otoplasty is a permanent procedure where the changes are visible and are permanent. The incisions made are very minimal and can not be detected in the future. 

What are the options if Otoplasty fails?

The Otoplasty is a very successful procedure where the failure rates are very low. In very rare cases, if the Otoplasty fails, then the surgery should be repeated. Discuss well with the doctor before going for revision surgery.  

What are the alternatives for Otoplasty?

The alternatives for Otoplasty are very limited. Plastic splints can be used for the folds and creases, but this is not a permanent process.

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