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Pink Apple Aesthetics

Pink Apple Aesthetics

1 Plastic Surgeon
20 years experience
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Dr. Priyadarshan K

Plastic Surgeon
34 years experience overall
980 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Naveen Kumar

Plastic Surgeon
20 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Chethan Sathish

Plastic Surgeon
15 years experience overall
850 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Rajesh Mikkilineni

Plastic Surgeon
17 years experience overall

Dr. Ranganath v s

Plastic Surgeon
22 years experience overall
750 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Neha Chauhan

Plastic Surgeon
18 years experience overall
1500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Ashok B C

Plastic Surgeon
34 years experience overall

Dr. Gopal Raj

Plastic Surgeon
35 years experience overall

Dr. Praveen Chandra K

Plastic Surgeon
19 years experience overall
FAQs on Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Srikanth V.

Plastic Surgeon
30 years experience overall

Breast Lift

Breast Lifts Doctors In Bangalore

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Breast Lift In Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breast Lift?

Breast Lift surgery is also known as Mastopexy. It is a surgical procedure that involves raising and reshaping the breasts. In this surgery, excess skin is removed and breast tissues are reshaped to raise the breast. Breast Lift surgery provides firm and raised breasts and boosts self-image and self-confidence. This surgery may also be done along with either Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation. This surgery doesn't affect breast glands or ducts. There are different techniques in performing this surgery and they are:

  1. Anchor incision
  2. Lollipop lift
  3. Donut lift
  4. Crescent lift
  5. Scarless lift

What are the advantages of Breast Lift?

  1. Improves self-confidence
  2. Provides firmer breast appearance
  3. Improves nipple projection
  4. Provides youthful appearance
  5. Does not affect the milk ducts or glands
  6. Reduces irritation under breasts

What are the indications of Breast Lift?

Indications for Breast Lift are the following:

  1. Sagging breasts
  2. One breast falls lower than the other

What is the preparation for Breast Lift?

  1. The surgeon will examine breasts to confirm which type of Breast Lift technique should be performed.
  2. The patient may be asked to undergo certain blood tests before the surgery.
  3. The patient's breasts may be photographed from various angles to compare them with breasts after the surgery.
  4. Smoking will delay recovery. Hence, the patient is advised to quit smoking until completely recovered.
  5. The patient should inform the doctor about past and present medical and medication history.
  6. Discuss all the benefits, complications, and risks involved in the Breast Lift surgery with the doctor.

What are the steps involved in Breast Lift?

  1. Before undergoing the surgery, the patient will be sedated using general anesthesia.
  2. Then the surgeon will mark the area around the breast according to the type of technique.
  3. Now, the surgeon will make incisions in any of the 3 patterns.
  4. The surgeon will lift and reshape the breast tissue.
  5. The nipples and areola are repositioned to look more natural and youthful.
  6. The excess skin is removed and remaining skin is tightened at the site of the incision.
  7. Now, the surgeon will close the incisions.

The 3 patterns of incisions are

  1. Around the areola
  2. Vertically down the areola
  3. Horizontally along the breast crease

What is the postprocedure care/recovery care for Breast Lift?

  1. After the Breast Lift surgery, breasts may be covered by support bras or gauze. 
  2. The excess fluid or blood will be drained with the help of a tube placed under each arm.
  3. The patient may suffer from pain, and swelling in the chest region. So, take the pain killers prescribed the doctor.
  4. Keep the chest area clean all the time to prevent any infections. Antibiotics may be prescribed by the doctor to avoid any kind of infections.
  5. Should avoid sexual activity for at least 1-2 weeks after the surgery.
  6. Physical activity should be limited for at least 2-4 weeks after the surgery.

Who can perform Breast Lift [Right specialist type for Breast Lift]?

Breast Lift can be performed by a skilled Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

What is the cost of Breast Lift?

Cost of Breast Lift depends on factors such as:

  1. Admission fee
  2. Doctor fee
  3. Age of the patient
  4. Amount of breast tissue to be removed
  5. Type of surgery technique planned to be performed
  6. The medical condition of the patient
  7. Post-surgical complications that are involved
  8. Type of hospital
  9. The admission room that you opted for
  10. Any other lab tests or examination tests such as X-ray, ECG, etc.

Minimum cost in Bangalore starts from Rs.55,000

Average expenses in Bangalore is approximately Rs.95,000

Maximum amount to be paid in Bangalore rises up to Rs.1,50,000

Is Breast Lift major surgery or minor surgery?

Breast Lift can be either major or minor surgery depending on the patient's medical condition and the amount of breast tissue to be removed.

What is the eligibility criteria for Breast Lift?

People who can undergo Breast Lift are:

  1. Women with sagging breasts
  2. Women who did not get desired results after using alternative treatments

What is the ineligibility criteria for Breast Lift?

People who cannot undergo Breast Lift are:

  1. Women with not fully developed breasts.
  2. Individuals with nipples falling below the breast crease.
  3. Women with nipples and areolas pointed downward.
  4. Individuals suffering from certain medical conditions like heart problems, diabetes, etc.
  5. Women suffering from obesity.

What are the risks and complications associated with Breast Lift?

Risks and Complications associated with Breast Lift are:

  1. Change in breast and nipple sensation
  2. Irregular shape and size of breasts
  3. Total or partial loss of areolae or nipples
  4. Bleeding at the site of incision
  5. Infection

How long does it take to complete Breast Lift?

Breast Lift may take almost 3-4 hours to complete. Sometimes it may take more than the usual time depending on the condition of the patient.

What is the recovery time?

Individuals who undergo Breast Lift may take at least 6 weeks for a normal healing process.

What is the success rate of Breast Lift?

The success rate of Breast Lift depends on the following factors:

  1. Age of the patient
  2. The medical condition of the patient
  3. Type of surgery technique performed

However, the success rate of Breast Lift maybe 92%.

Is Breast Lift painful?

Every surgery comes with a certain level of pain and some discomfort. You won't be experiencing pain during this process because you will be under anesthesia.

Is Breast Lift Permanent?

This surgery helps in raising the sagging breast by removing the excess skin and breast tissues. This is a permanent surgery, however, the results may not be permanent.

What are the long-term results of Breast Lift?

  1. Improves self-confidence
  2. Provides firmer shape of breasts
  3. Few scars may be present

Can Breast Lift be detected in future?

Breast Lift surgery may leave a few scars near and around the breast area and thus can be detected in the future.

What are the options if Breast Lift fails?

If Breast Lift Surgery fails, then the doctor may recommend revision surgery.

What are the alternatives for Breast Lift?

  1. Breast reduction
  2. Breast augmentation
  3. Thermage
  4. Breast lifting creams
  5. Chest exercises
  6. Botox breast lift
  7. The laser bra lift
  8. The breform internal bra
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