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Dr. Kapil Chand Narra (Physiotherapist)


18 years experience overall
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Dr. P.V.S.Ganesh (Physiotherapist)


20 years experience overall
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Dr. Srinivas Reddy (Physiotherapist)


5 years experience overall
400 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. Pamela Narayan (Physiotherapist)


30 years experience overall
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Dr. Susmitha Reddy (Physiotherapist)


16 years experience overall
400 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. Shiva Kumar Durgam (Physiotherapist)


17 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. T Sunil Kumar Reddy (Physiotherapist)


17 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic
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FAQs on Physiotherapist

1. Who is a physiotherapist?

2. When should I see a doctor and when should I see a physiotherapist?

3. What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a physical therapist?

4. Can a physiotherapist perform surgery?

5. Can physiotherapists prescribe medicines?

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Who are Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who help the patients to restore their functions and mobility of the body after an injury or disability. They also help in promoting and maintaining the overall well being of the patient. They are specialized in physiotherapy and helps the patient in avoiding the surgery or medications by providing physical treatment options like ROM exercises,  soft tissue mobilization, and Kinesio taping, etc.

What are the qualifications of a Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist will have the following qualifications:

  • MSc - Clinical Physiotherapy
  • MSc. - Physiotherapy
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • BPTh/BPT
  • Masters of Physiotherapy
  • MPTh/MPT - Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physiotherapy
  • BSc - Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • MSPT (Master of Physical Therapy)

How frequently should an individual visit a Physiotherapist?

Any individual suffering from a medical condition that affects his/her joints, range of motion, and mobility can consult a Physiotherapist 3-4 times a week. However, healthy individuals can also consult a Physiotherapist once in a year.

Why should an individual consult a Physiotherapist?

If an individual is suffering from any of the following conditions and diseases, then they should consult a Physiotherapist.

  • Severe sprains
  • Back pain
  • Mild to moderate joint pains
  • Reduced range of motion of joints
  • Muscle strains
  • Nerve injuries
  • For rehabilitation purpose after surgery or injury

Apart from these conditions, there are many other medical conditions why an individual should visit a Physiotherapist. However, before consulting a Physiotherapist, have a discussion with your General Physician.

Are Physiotherapists and massage therapists the same?

Physiotherapists are health care professionals who help the patient to improve the mobility and pain by using techniques like mobilization of joints, muscle energy, and dry needling, etc. Massage therapists are the one who focuses on tissue manipulation by hand and with the help of some creams and oils.

Can Physiotherapist treat back pain?

Yes, Physiotherapists can help an individual to reduce his/her back pain and improves joints movement and functions. A Physiotherapist can suggest new lifestyle modifications to an individual that helps them to improve their daily life and reduce the chances of getting back pain.

Can Physiotherapist cure joint pains?

Physiotherapists are healthcare professions who use hand-on mobilization techniques to reduce joint pains and back pains. They help an individual to improve his/her joint functions and mobility through lifestyle modifications and physiotherapy sessions.

Do Physiotherapists perform surgeries?

No, Physiotherapists cannot perform surgeries, however, they play a vital role in pre-operative and post-operative surgeries for Achilles tendonitis, ACL reconstruction, knee repair or replacement, back and neck pain surgery and many other medical surgeries and procedures.