Corrective Eye Surgery Procedures: Cost & Eligibility


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Corrective Eye Surgeries - An Overview

Corrective eye surgery or refractive eye surgery are broad terms covering a host of surgical options available today, to correct a variety of vision defects, including short-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism (unevenly curved cornea), and presbyopia (natural decline of vision with age).  

Depending on your condition, and the kind of vision correction you need, there are various eye surgeries you can opt for such as:

What is the eligibility criteria for each procedure?

Please refer to the comparative table below for the eligibility criteria of each eye procedure:

What is the cost of each procedure in India?

Please refer to the table below to know the cost of each eye procedure: 

What is the time taken for each procedure? 

To know the time taken for each procedure please refer to the table below: 

What is the recovery time from each procedure? 

To know the recovery time from each corrective eye surgery please refer to the table below:

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