Childbirth & Delivery Methods: Procedures, Costs, & Risks


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Childbirth & Delivery Methods Overview

This is an important milestone in any woman’s life, giving birth to a baby. Now with advancement in science and technology, modern medical practices have a number of options which have made childbirth a much safer experience over the past century for both the mother and the baby. 

In fact, realizing the need for providing a safe birthing experience, a number of hospitals have sprung up in India which are exclusively for childbirth. Many other hospitals have comfortable maternity suites which provide a home-like environment.

It would be ideal to have a well-planned and perfectly executed delivery. However, it is well known that the most perfectly planned delivery can sometimes face unexpected emergencies. For such cases, it is necessary to be prepared for other forms of childbirth or delivery. The different forms of childbirth or delivery methods are:

What is the cost of each type of childbirth/delivery method in India? 

A normal vaginal delivery:

  • is free in government hospitals
  • can cost from Rs. 2000 in rural areas upto Rs. 5000
  • can cost upto Rs. 100000 in private hospitals depending on the hospital amenities and the city
  • can cost upto Rs. 200000 in luxury suites depending on the hospital amenities and the city


A caesarean section (planned/unplanned):

  • is free in government hospitals
  • can cost from Rs. 5000 in rural areas upto Rs. 30000
  • can cost upto Rs. 90000 in private hospitals depending on the hospital amenities and the city
  • can cost upto Rs. 200000 in luxury suites depending on the hospital amenities and the city

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Questions answered by trusted doctors

Verified User
Is it possible to have a painless vaginal child birth? Other than epidural anaesthesia, is there any other alternative?
Dr. Venkat Raghav
General Physician, Bangalore
Hello.., Ya caesarian section is there .. Spinal anesthesia will be given ,that may be little painful and you will have scar over lower abdomen . There is no other way for painless normal delivery.... Nulliparous woman have to go through pain . ..........
Verified User
Hi There, My baby was born on 30th January 2018 and my periods (immediately started after I delivered and) stopped after a months time, i.e on 28th Feb 2018. Is it normal, as it's been 3 months to the discontinued menstrual cycle..I am a bit worried now. Should I see a gynaecologist or should I wait until it starts naturally. Would appreciate if I could get few answers/suggestions. Thank you.
Dr. Manju Kumari
Obstetrician, Hyderabad
Wait it will start again normal.If you are feeding to baby then may be complete amenorrhea.If more tension contact to gynaecologist and take her advice.
Dr. Astha Agarwal
Obstetrician, Ghaziabad
If you are on exclusive breast feeding , definitely periods can stop for upto an year also.
Nothing to be scared off.
Just use barrier contraception during sex or start an oral contraception pill.
Consult directly online for further management
Verified User
Please if I stopped jogging or exercise at a point due to childbirth or something will I become fat more?
Dr. Surabhi Jain
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Lucknow
Exercise is required for proper weight management. Diet is also very important but exercise is too. So try exercising, even if just a little.
You can contact me for a detailed diet plan
Ms. Saba Sheikh
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Contact me through practo direct consultation for further information
Through this link
Verified User
Good day! Im 3 mos. Postpartum. After 1 week of childbirth I was hospitalized due to shortness of breath. I felt like fainting and dizzy. It was severe and scary. I don't know what to do that time. My body becomes so weak as I'd I couldn't even do even a simple household chores. Until now im dealing with those symptoms everyday. I keep in thinking about it comes out of the blue.I feel like I'm not attached with the reality. I avoid to go outside due to fear of that scary feeling. Pls help me.
Ms. Annuradha Rakesh
Clinical Psychologist, Delhi
Post partum depression is quite common. I would suggest that you should see a Clinical Psychologist immediately. He/she would help you deal with these symptoms. 3 months have already passed, so there is no point in delaying the treatment else it would also adversely affect your child care.
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Pregnant women due to the change of hormones during the first trimester may suffer from morning sickness and feel fatigued, and exhausted. This causes them to become forgetful, hazy, and lack focus.

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