Dialysis in India

Dialysis in India:

Dialysis is a procedure in which the blood is filtered mechanically without the help of the kidneys. The main function of kidneys is to eliminate waste material from the blood and to maintain fluid balance in the body. If the kidneys are not functioning properly then Dialysis will take over the function of the failed kidneys.

Dialysis may be indicated for the individuals with the following conditions:

  • Intractable hyperkalemia

  • Acidosis

  • Chronic kidney disease

  • Therapy-resistant fluid overload

  • Uremic symptoms

  • Kidney dysfunction or kidney failure

Different Types of Dialysis:

There are 2 types of Dialysis and they are:

  • Hemodialysis

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

Cost of Dialysis in India:

  • The minimum price for Dialysis in India starts from INR Rs.750

  • The average cost of Dialysis in India is INR Rs.2,356

  • The maximum charge for Dialysis in India is up to INR Rs.5,000

However, this cost may vary depending on the following few factors:

  • Age of the patient

  • Type of the procedure planned to be performed

  • The room that you opted for

  • The medical condition of the patient

  • Admission fee

  • Post-procedure complications that are involved

  • Doctor fee

  • Type of hospital

When the above factors are taken into consideration, the cost of Dialysis in India varies around USD 11 to USD 70 whereas, the same surgery in the US costs around USD 600.

Cost of Dialysis in major cities of India:


Cost (INR)


Rs.750 - Rs.5,000


Rs.788 - Rs.5,250


Rs.825 - Rs.5,500


Rs.750 - Rs.5,000


Rs.713- Rs.4750


Rs.750 - Rs.5,000


Rs.750 - Rs.5,000

Cost of different factors affecting the Dialysis:

Factors affecting the cost

Price (INR)

Consultation fee

Rs.500 [per session with Nephrologist]

Procedure cost

Rs.2,500 - Rs.3,000 [depends on number of sessions]

Post-procedure cost

Rs.1,500 for a blood test

Miscellaneous cost

Rs.4,000 [Dialyser set] and Rs.15,000 [Dialyser IV line insertion]

Top doctors available in India for Dialysis:

Well reputed and skilled doctors for Dialysis in India are qualified and experienced. These medical professionals can suggest the best type of Dialysis according to the severity of the patient's medical condition. They work closely with all the hospital staff to make sure that the patient receives the best and highest quality of care.

These are the best doctors for Dialysis in India:


Top Hospitals and clinics in India for Dialysis:

Highly reputed hospitals for Dialysis in India have ultra-modern infrastructure which presents a pleasant ambiance to their patients and are JCI, NABH accredited which ensures in providing the high standard of health care to the patients. Well trained and experienced nursing staff along with hospital staff are present in these hospitals who can take very good care of the patients. These hospitals are well equipped with the latest medical devices, well trained and certified therapists to provide international service efficacy.

These are the best Hospitals for Dialysis in India:


Facilities provided by hospitals for Dialysis:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • One-to-one consultation with doctors
  • Trained and well-experienced nursing staff
  • Arrangement of a mode of transport
  • Private suites to stay
  • Food and accommodation for both the patient and family
  • Foreign exchange facility

Why do foreigners opt for Dialysis in India?

The cost of Dialysis in India is cheaper when compared with other countries. In India, most of the doctors provide the utmost and highest quality of care to the patients and hospitals have well experienced and trained nursing staff who can take good care of the patients. Along with this, most of the facilities have ultra-modern infrastructure which provides the best ambiance to patients and contains the latest medical equipment to perform Dialysis.


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