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FAQs on Discectomy Surgery

1. What is Discectomy?

2. How much does Discectomy cost?

3. Who are the best surgeons for Discectomy?

4. Is Discectomy safe?

5. What is discectomy and spinal fusion?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Discectomy?

It is the surgical removal of the intervertebral discs- complete or part of it.

How much does Discectomy cost?

Depending on the level and extent of intervention, it may cost from 26,250 INR to 1,10,250 INR.

Who are the right specialists for Discectomy?

An Orthopedist or a Neurosurgeon can perform Discectomy.

Is Discectomy safe?

With minimal invasive methods, the surgery is safer. However, this entirely depends on the limit of the removal of the vertebral discs.

What is Discectomy and fusion?

Discectomy refers to the removal of a part or complete of the intervertebral disc. Fusion surgery is referred to joining of two vertebras.

How long does a Discectomy surgery take?

For about 1 hour to 2 hours. 

What is Discectomy and Laminectomy?

Discectomy refers to the removal of a part or complete of the intervertebral disc.

Laminectomy is the removal of the intervertebral disc to release pressure on spinal nerves.

What is Lumbar Discectomy surgery?

A Discectomy surgery performed at the lumbar area (lower back) of the spinal column is called Lumbar Discectomy.

What is Endoscopic Discectomy?

It is the removal of protruded intervertebral discs using a minimally invasive method through flexible tubes and small incisions.

What is Percutaneous Discectomy?

It is the removal of a herniated disc through a puncture in the skin. It is done for instant relief from pain.

Does a Discectomy weaken the back?

No, it does not. However, proper follow-up and back care are needed for the best results.

What if Discectomy fails?

A failed Discectomy may have diverse reasons ranging from incorrect surgery to poor follow up or reoccurring of symptoms at a different level. A redo surgery or a different procedure is done, as per the need.

Can a Discectomy cause paralysis?

It has 95 % success rate. But there is always a chance of paralysis owing to the extent of the disease and experience of the surgeon.

How common is Discectomy?

It is a common procedure to relieve herniated disc symptoms.

What does Discectomy involve?

It involves the correction of a herniated disc putting pressure on spinal nerves.