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Dr. C P Roy

54 years experience overall

Dr. Satbir Singh

25 years experience overall

Dr. Neeraj Bhalla

41 years experience overall

Dr. Rajeev Rathi

38 years experience overall

Dr. Subhash Chandra

40 years experience overall
2400 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Rajneesh Malhotra

Cardiac Surgeon
31 years experience overall

Dr. Mohan Bhargava

23 years experience overall

Dr. Dheeraj Gandotra

27 years experience overall
2000 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Subhash K.Sinha

Cardiac Surgeon
40 years experience overall
FAQs on CT Angiogram Surgery

Dr. Naveen Bhamri

25 years experience overall
2000 Consultation fee at clinic

Ct Angiogram

Ct Angiograms Doctors In Delhi

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CT Angiogram in Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CT Angiogram?

CT Angiogram is the abbreviated form of Computerized Tomography Angiogram. It is an imaging technique used to check for the blood clots in the blood vessels. This might help to diagnose the cause of heart diseases. This technique uses a special X-ray machine that will produce the images of the organ and its blood vessels. A beam of X-rays is sent from the X-ray device which rotates through the area of interest. CT Angiogram is used to visualize organs like the brain, neck, lungs, kidneys, arms, and legs.

What are the advantages of CT Angiogram?

CT Angiogram is used to check the blood clots in the blood vessels in various organs like: 

  1. Brain 
  2. Chest 
  3. Heart 
  4. Neck
  5. Abdomen
  6. Kidneys
  7. Liver
  8. Legs
  9. Arms
  10. Pelvis

What are the indications of CT Angiogram?

The following are the indications of CT Angiogram:

  1. To check Aneurysm (enlargement of the blood vessel)
  2. Atherosclerosis (formation of the plaques on the walls of the arteries)
  3. Formation of an abnormal blood vessel in the brain
  4. Damaged blood vessels 
  5. To see blood clots in the veins
  6. Tumors

What is the preparation for CT Angiogram?

The following are the preparation steps for CT Angiogram:

  1. A gown may be given before undergoing this procedure. Hence wear loose and comfortable clothes to the hospital which are easy to change.  
  2. Jewelry, glasses, dentures, metal objects like hair clips or pins, piercings, etc should be removed. 
  3. Sometimes hearing aids or removable dental braces are also asked to remove before undergoing this procedure.
  4. The patient may be recommended not to eat or drink for a few hours before the procedure.
  5. Inform the doctor about all of your current medications and dietary supplements.
  6. The recent medical conditions or the past medical conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, thyroid problems, asthma, diabetes, etc. should be informed priorly.
  7. Let the doctor know about all the allergies you have experienced in the past.

What are the steps involved in CT Angiogram?

The following are the steps involved in CT Angiogram:

  1. Before starting the procedure, the doctor may give a beta-blocker which may help in slowing the heart rate, which will enable to scan to get a clear image.
  2. Sometimes nitroglycerin is given to dilate the arteries. 
  3. The electrodes will be placed on the patient's chest to record the heart rate.
  4. The patient will be made to lie on the long table which passes through a tunnel-like machine. 
  5. While the scanning is going on, the patient will be asked not to move and to hold the breath to get clear images.

What is the postprocedure care/recovery care for CT Angiogram?

  1. After completion of this procedure, the patient can return to normal daily activities.
  2. The results can be obtained on the same day and the doctor may discuss the results with the patient on the same day.
  3. The patient may be advised to drink lots of fluid to flush out the contrast dye that is administered during the procedure.

Who can perform CT Angiogram [Right specialist type for CT Angiogram]?

The CT Angiogram can be performed by the certified and skilled Radiologist or a Cardiologist who is well experienced in CT Angiogram.

What is the cost of CT Angiogram?

The cost of CT Angiogram may vary according to the following factors:

  1. Doctor fee
  2. Type of hospital
  3. Age of the patient
  4. The medical condition of the patient
  5. Post-procedure complications that are involved
  6. Any other lab tests or examination tests such as X-ray, ECG, etc.

Minimum price in Delhi starts from Rs.7,000

Average expenses in Delhi is approximately Rs.57,750

Maximum cost in Delhi rises up to Rs.55,000

What is the eligibility criteria for CT Angiogram?

The following are the eligibility criteria for CT Angiogram:

  1. Patients with heart diseases
  2. Patients who experience symptoms of coronary artery disease
  3. Patients who recently experienced a heart attack

What is the ineligibility criteria for CT Angiogram?
The following are the ineligibility criteria for CT Angiogram:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Breastfeeding mothers
  3. Known allergies to the contrast dyes used
  4. Uncooperative patients

What are the risks and complications associated with CT Angiogram?

Since CT Angiogram is a non-invasive technique, there are very limited risks involved in this method. The following are the risks and complications involved with the CT Angiogram:

  1. Exposure to radiation
  2. Allergic reaction to the dyes used in this method

How long does it take to complete CT Angiogram?

CT Angiogram may take up to 3-4 hours for the whole procedure. The whole procedure includes preparation, scanning, and recovery. The time taken just to scan may be 20 minutes.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time may depend on the patient's condition. Usually, the catheterization takes less than 30 minutes whereas the recovery may take several hours. The patient may be asked to stay in the hospital for the whole day.

What is the success rate of CT Angiogram?
The success rate of CT Angiogram is very high. The success rate varies from one person to the other. The approximate success rate of CT Angiogram is 86%-90%.

Is CT Angiogram painful?

Every procedure will come with minimal pain and discomfort. Since this procedure includes needles, poking, etc. there may be some pain and discomfort which can be tolerated.

What are the long-term results of CT Angiogram?

CT Angiogram is an imaging procedure that is a non-invasive technique. It does not have any long-term results.  

Are CT Scan results accurate?

The accuracy of CT Angiogram is very high. The approximate accuracy is about 91%. It is considered the first-line scan for patients with coronary artery symptoms or any heart problems.

What are the alternatives for CT Angiogram?

The alternatives for CT Angiogram are as follows:

  1. MRI-scan
  2. Ultrasound imaging
  3. Plain X-rays
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