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How much does a Angiography cost in Chennai?

The charges for Angiography depends upon multiple factors and ranges from Rs.10,000 to Rs.1,00,000 in Chennai.

  • Minimum Price in Chennai starts from Rs.10,000
  • Average Price in Chennai is approximately Rs.25,000
  • Maximum Price in Chennai is upto Rs.1,00,000
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Why does the cost of Angiography vary for different patients?

The following are the factors which affect the cost of Angiography:

  • The type of Hospital opted by the patient
  • Admission charge
  • Doctor’s fee
  • Age of the patient
  • The medical status of the patient
  • Area of the blood vessels to be operated
  • The intensity of the blockage of blood vessels
  • Type of the procedure involved
  • Type of contrast dye used
  • Post-procedure complications involved in the procedure
  • The room that is selected by the patient
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What is the cost of different components of the Angiography in Chennai?

Cost of Angiography includes several components like Pre-procedure price, procedure price, Post-procedure price, and daycare [stay in the hospital], etc.Cost for a specific element of Angiography in Chennai is the following:

  • Pre-Procedure price:- Rs. 5,000
  • Post Procedure price:- Depends on the diagnosis [type of blockage detected]
  • Pure surgery with contrast:- Rs.17,100 - Rs. 22,800
  • Daycare price:- Rs.625- Rs.750
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How much is the cost of treatments related to Angiography in Chennai?

Following are the cost of different treatments related to Angiography in Chennai:

  1. Approximate price of Magnetic Resonance Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.19,000
  2. Approximate cost of Cerebral Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.23,750 - Rs.28,500
  3. Approximate amount of Right or left heart ventriculography in Chennai:- Rs.14,250
  4. Approximate cost of Eye Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.10,450
  5. Approximate price of Peripheral Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.22,800
  6. Approximate cost of Pulmonary Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.8,550
  7. Approximate cost of Renal Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.9,500
  8. Approximate cost of Digital Subtraction Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.8,400
  9. Approximate price of Aortic Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.16,150
  10. Approximate cost of Coronary Angiography in Chennai:- Rs.17,100
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