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Tendon Repair
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Tendon Repair

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Tendon Repair in Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tendon Repair?

Tendon Repair is the surgical repair of the torn or damaged tendons. The tendons are the band-like structures that connect the muscle to the bone and help in the movement of the joints when the muscles contract or relax.

What are the indications of Tendon Repair?

Tendon Repair is indicated in the following conditions:

  1. Tendonitis
  2. Sports injuries
  3. Flexor and extensor tears on the tendon
  4. Rheumatoid arthritis

Who are the best surgeons to perform Tendon Repair?

A certified and trained Orthopedic Surgeon who is well experienced in performing Tendon Repair surgeries can perform this surgery.

What is the cost of Tendon Repair?

Minimum cost for Tendon Repair in Bangalore starts from Rs.18,000

Average expenses for Tendon Repair in Bangalore is approximately Rs.25,000

Maximum amount to be paid for Tendon Repair in Bangalore rises up to Rs.39,736

Cost of Tendon Repair depends on factors such as:

  1. Admission charges
  2. Consultation fee
  3. Patient age
  4. Type of hospital
  5. Surgery charges
  6. Follow-up consultations

Is Tendon Repair a major surgery or minor surgery?

Tendon Repair can be either a major or minor surgery depending on the patient's medical condition and the area to be treated.

What are the risks and complications associated with Tendon Repair?

Few of the risks and complications associated with Tendon Repair are:

  1. Formation of scar tissue at the surgical site
  2. Limitation of the movement 
  3. Joint stiffness
  4. Damage and re-tearing of the tendons

How long does it take to complete Tendon Repair?

Depending on the area and the extent of tendon damage, Tendon Repair surgery may take around 1-3 hours to complete.

What is the recovery time for Tendon Repair?

Individuals who undergo Tendon Repair may take 1-3 months to recover completely.

What is the success rate of Tendon Repair?

The success rate of Tendon Repair depends on the following factors:

  1. Patient age and medical condition
  2. Experience of the surgeon

However, the success rate of Tendon Repair maybe 90%

Is Tendon Repair Permanent?

Tendon Repair surgery is a permanent surgery and in a few cases, some individuals may require revision surgery.

What are the long-term results of Tendon Repair?

Few of the long term results of Tendon Repair are:

  1. Restoring the joint movement
  2. Return to the daily physical activities
  3. Stiffness of the joints
  4. Decreased in the range of motion or stiffness

Can Tendon Repair be detected in the future?

Tendon Repair can be detected in the future with the presence of surgical scars at the site of tendon injury.

What are the options if Tendon Repair fails?

In case of a failed Tendon Repair surgery, the doctor may suggest a revision surgery or suitable alternative treatment methods.

What are the alternatives for Tendon Repair?

Few of the alternatives to Tendon Repair are:

  1. Immobilization with casts and splints
  2. Medications like analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents
  3. Physical therapy with agents like ice packs, ultrasound, physiotherapy, etc.
  4. Use of support braces to limit the range of motion till the tendons heal.