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25 Proctoscopy Doctors in Bangalore

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Manya Dental Multispecialty Dental Clinic

Manya Dental Multispecialty Dental Clinic

5 - 18 years experience
Bannerghatta Road
₹400Consultation Fees
98%145 Patient Stories

Dr. Shabeer Ahmed

Laparoscopic Surgeon
38 years experience overall
600 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Parameshwara C M

Laparoscopic Surgeon
30 years experience overall

Dr. Sunil Kumar B Alur

Laparoscopic Surgeon
26 years experience overall
800 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh

Laparoscopic Surgeon
29 years experience overall
Bangalore Dental Specialists

Bangalore Dental Specialists

9 - 14 years experience
HSR Layout
₹300Consultation Fees
100%41 Patient Stories
Practo One Badge

Dr. Shiva Kumar

Laparoscopic Surgeon
23 years experience overall

Dr. Manjunath Haridas

Laparoscopic Surgeon
24 years experience overall

Dr. Ramesh T S

Laparoscopic Surgeon
28 years experience overall
Practo One Badge

Dr. Venkataramana

General Physician
54 years experience overall

Dr. Srinivas Bojanapu

Laparoscopic Surgeon
20 years experience overall
900 Consultation fee at clinic
FAQs on Proctoscopy Surgery

Dr. Raghunandan K S

Laparoscopic Surgeon
22 years experience overall


Proctoscopies Doctors In Bangalore

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Proctoscopy in Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proctoscopy?

Proctoscopy is a medical procedure done to check and evaluate the rectum and anus of an individual. The rectum is the final portion of the large intestine and anus is the opening of the rectum. Proctoscopy is done to detect the presence of polyps, tumors, or internal damage or bleeding in the rectum and anus. The device used to visualize the rectum is called a proctoscope. The proctoscope is a short hollow tube usually made of plastic or metal with a small light and lens at the end which helps in the examination of the tissues.

What are the advantages of Proctoscopy?

Advantages of Proctoscopy are:

  1. Diagnose diseases affecting anus and rectum
  2. Detect the site of bleeding and tissue damage
  3. Collection of a tissue sample (Biopsy)
  4. Finding and removal of polyps and abnormal tissue growths.

What are the indications of Proctoscopy?

Proctoscopy is indicated for:

  1. Suspected abnormal tissue growths in the rectum and anus
  2. Hemorrhoids
  3. Bleeding and pain while passing stools
  4. Unexplained pain in the abdomen

What are the steps involved in Proctoscopy?

Steps involved in the Proctoscopy are:

  1. The patient is directed to lie down on one side with knees facing toward the chest.
  2. Then, the doctor will insert the proctoscope into the rectum.
  3. Proctoscope has a light and a lens that helps the doctor to visualize the inner structures of the rectum.
  4. Sometimes, the doctor will use some other medical instruments to take a tissue sample from the rectum (biopsy) for further investigations.
  5. After finishing the examination of the rectum and anus, the proctoscope will be removed.

Who can perform Proctoscopy [Right specialist type for Proctoscopy]?

Proctoscopy can be performed by:

  1. Gastroenterologist
  2. Colorectal surgeon
  3. Experienced Colonoscopist

What is the cost of Proctoscopy?

Cost of Proctoscopy may vary and the factors that affect the price are:

  1. Admission fee
  2. Doctor fee
  3. The medical condition of the patient
  4. Post-procedure complications that are involved
  5. Type of hospital
  6. The admission room that you opted for

Minimum amount to be paid for Proctoscopy in Bangalore starts from Rs.1,500

Average charges for Proctoscopy in Bangalore is approximately Rs.5,750

Maximum expenses for Proctoscopy in Bangalore rises up to Rs.8,500

Is Proctoscopy a major surgery or minor surgery?

Proctoscopy is considered a minor procedure as it involves in visualization and examination of the inner tissue lining of the rectum and anus.

What are the risks and complications associated with Proctoscopy?

Risks and complications involved in Proctoscopy are:

  1. Bleeding from the site of examination or site of the biopsy
  2. A tear or perforation in the wall of the rectum
  3. Nausea and vomiting

How long does it take to complete Proctoscopy?

Generally, Proctoscopy takes 10 to 25 minutes to complete. If any polyps are needed to remove, then it may take more time to complete.

What is the recovery time for Proctoscopy?

After the Proctoscopy, most people can continue their daily and social activities within 24 hours. On average, the recovery time is 24 to 48 hours.

What is the success rate of Proctoscopy?

The success rate of Proctoscopy depends on the following factors:

  1. Bowel preparation
  2. Experience of the doctor
  3. Age and health condition of the patient

However, the success rate of Proctoscopy in the examination of the rectum is 85% to 98%.

Is Proctoscopy permanent?

Proctoscopy is used to evaluate and diagnose the rectum for any abnormalities like inflammation, ulcers, tumors, and blood loss, etc. and is not a permanent procedure as the proctoscope will be removed at the end of the procedure.

What are the alternatives for Proctoscopy?

Few alternatives for Proctoscopy are:

  1. Sigmoidoscope
  2. Fecal occult blood tests
  3. CT-Colonoscopy
  4. Double-contrast barium enema
  5. Cologuard
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