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Dr. M. Gowri

34 years experience overall

Dr. Triveni M P

23 years experience overall

Dr. Ambika V

22 years experience overall

Dr. Bhargavi Reddy

31 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Harini P Shetty

34 years experience overall

Dr. Varalakshmi k

23 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Shwetha Yadav

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Dr. Sandhya Shivakumar

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Dr. Ruksana Kusther

24 years experience overall
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Dr. Swetha Vinjamuri

19 years experience overall

Normal Delivery

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Normal Delivery in Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Normal Delivery?

Normal delivery is a process of giving birth naturally. It is a method in which the babies are delivered through the vagina. Since the baby is delivered through the vagina, it is also known as Vaginal delivery. Normal delivery can either be spontaneous or assisted. There are two types of delivery:

  1. Normal delivery or Vaginal delivery
  2. Cesarean section or C-section

Normal delivery is the most common way of giving birth to a child. When there is less possibility for a normal delivery then your Gynecologist may go for a C-section. During a normal delivery, you may have to deal with a lot of pain and pressure. There may be tearing of the cervix during the dilation process. If the delivery happens with excessive force the vaginal tissues may also tear. These are very common and can be easily repaired.

What are the advantages of Normal Delivery?

Following are the advantages of Normal delivery:

  1. Less hospital stay 
  2. Recovery time is less when compared with C-section
  3. Very fewer risks are involved

What are the indications of Normal Delivery?

Normal delivery is indicated by your Gynecologist during the following conditions:

  1. When the mother's health condition supports the normal delivery.
  2. The health condition of the unborn baby.
  3. The position and size of the baby.
  4. If there are no signs of distress.

What are the steps involved in Normal Delivery?

Normal delivery  involves the following steps:

  1. The first step involves the dilation of the cervix. This is the longest stage of labor. 
  2. In the first stage of labor, there are two phases called the active phase and latent phase.
  3. The dilation of the cervix happens slowly up to 4-5 cms. This is the longest phase which takes many hours.
  4. From the end of the latent phase until the delivery is the active phase.
  5. In the active phase, the cervical dilation takes place rapidly.
  6. The rate of dilation of the cervix is 1cm/hour or 1.2cm/hour. 
  7. When the cervix is dilated for about 10cm in diameter, then it is ready for the baby to come out.
  8. As the baby head comes out, the pain and pressure will be reduced.
  9. Your doctor may ask you not to push once the baby's mouth and nose are suctioned. This is done to clear out the baby from the amniotic fluid and mucus.
  10. The head of the baby is rotated to a quarter of a turn to be in alignment with the baby's body. 
  11. You will be asked to push again to deliver the remaining part of the baby's body.

What is the postprocedure care/recovery care for Normal Delivery?

  1. After the delivery of the baby, the amniotic sac and placenta will remain in the uterus. It may take around 30 minutes to deliver the amniotic sac and placenta.
  2. Your nurse may rub your stomach below to help tighten the uterus and loosen the placenta.
  3. You may experience some pressure as the placenta is being delivered.
  4. Sometimes there may be chances of delivering the placenta incompletely. If this happens, your doctor may reach out to the uterus and remove it completely. This will help in preventing heavy bleeding.
  5. You may be asked to take rest after all these procedures.

Who can perform Normal Delivery? [Right specialist type for Normal Delivery?]

Normal delivery can be performed by an experienced and skilled Gynecologist or Obstetrician.

What is the cost of Normal Delivery?

Cost of Normal Delivery depends on factors such:

  1. Doctor
  2. Admission fee
  3. The medical condition of the patient
  4. Post-delivery complications that are involved
  5. Type of hospital
  6. The admission room that you opted for
  7. Other lab tests 

Minimum price in Bangalore starts from Rs.3,000

Average cost in Bangalore is approximately Rs.5,000

Maximum amount to be paid in Bangalore rises up to Rs. 20,000

What is the ineligibility criteria for Normal Delivery?

  1. Breech position
  2. Cephalo-pelvic disproportion (baby fails to move out of the mother's womb)
  3. Multiple pregnancies (two or more babies)
  4. Placental dislocation
  5. Cervical cerclage
  6. Prolonged labor

What are the risks and complications associated with Normal Delivery? 

The following are the risks involved in normal delivery:

  1. Heavy bleeding
  2. Scarring of the tissues
  3. Tearing of the vagina
  4. Injury to pelvic muscles
  5. Pain in the perineum (the area between vagina and anus) 

How long does it take to complete Normal Delivery?

The normal delivery may take approximately about eight hours. It varies with each woman. Some of them may take less than 8 hours while some may need more time.

What is the success rate of Normal Delivery?

The success rate of Normal Delivery is about 80%-90%.

Is Normal Delivery painful?

Normal delivery is certainly painful and involves lots of pressure and stress. 

What are the options if Normal Delivery fails or not successful?

If the Normal delivery is not possible then your doctor may go for C-section.

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