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Spinal Fixation Surgery
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15 Spinal Fixation Surgery Doctors in Mumbai

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Dr. Ayush Sharma

15 years experience overall
1500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Prasad Chaudhari

25 years experience overall

Dr. Satyen Mehta

23 years experience overall

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Dr. Vikas Gupte

Spine Surgeon
34 years experience overall
2000 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Suresh Shetty

32 years experience overall

Dr. Yajuvendra Gawai

24 years experience overall

Dr. Nagraj S. Shetty

21 years experience overall

Dr. Mihir Bapat

Spine Surgeon
26 years experience overall
3000 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Nikhil J Arbatti

Spine Surgeon
21 years experience overall

Dr. Lalit Panchal

34 years experience overall
2000 Consultation fee at clinic

Spinal Fixation Surgery

Spinal Fixation Surgeries Doctors In Mumbai

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Spinal Fixation Surgery in Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spinal Fixation?

Spinal Fixation Surgery is performed to permanently fuse two or more vertebrae of the spine to form into a single section of the bone. The movement between the spinal vertebrae will be eliminated as the bones will be joined and secured with bone grafts, plates, and screws made of metal. The surgery is performed to treat medical conditions like herniated disks, severe arthritis, etc.

What are the indications of Spinal Fixation?

The following are the indications of Spinal Fixation Surgery:

  1. Degenerative disk disease
  2. Abnormal curvature of the spine (scoliosis)
  3. Spinal stenosis
  4. Spondylolisthesis (shifting of the spinal disk)
  5. Tumors or infections of the spine
  6. Trauma or compression fractures
  7. Severe arthritis

Who are the best surgeons to perform Spinal Fixation?

A certified and trained Neurosurgeon and an Orthopedic Surgeon who is well experienced in performing Spinal Fixation surgeries can perform this surgery.

What is the cost of Spinal Fixation?

Minimum cost for Spinal Fixation in Mumbai starts from Rs.48,400

Average expenses for Spinal Fixation in Mumbai is approximately Rs.93,500

Maximum amount to be paid for Spinal Fixation in Mumbai rises up to Rs.2,46,400

Cost of Spinal Fixation depends on factors such as:

  1. Admission charges
  2. Consultation fee
  3. Patient age
  4. Type of hospital

Is Spinal Fixation a major surgery or minor surgery?

Spinal Fixation is major surgery and involves the incisions in the back of the individual, joining the sections of the spinal vertebrae to form a single bone and attaching them with suitable plates and screws.

What are the risks and complications associated with Spinal Fixation?

Few of the risks and complications associated with Spinal Fixation Surgery are:

  1. Bleeding and infections
  2. Damage to blood vessels and spinal nerves
  3. Pain at the bone graft site

How long does it take to complete Spinal Fixation?

Depending on the number of spinal vertebrae to be treated, Spinal Fixation Surgery can take around 2-4 hours to complete.

What is the recovery time for Spinal Fixation?

Individuals who undergo Spinal Fixation Surgery would be required to stay in the hospital for 3-7 days and would need recovery care like physiotherapy for another 6-12 months to recover completely.

What is the success rate of Spinal Fixation?

The success rate of Spinal Fixation depends on the following factors: 

  1. Patient age and medical condition
  2. Experience of the surgeon
  3. Type of surgery performed

However, the success rate of Spinal Fixation maybe 90%.

Is Spinal Fixation Permanent?

Spinal Fixation is a permanent surgery as it involves the fusing of two smaller sections of a spinal bone to form a stable bone.

What are the long-term results of Spinal Fixation?

Few of the long term results of Spinal Fixation are:

  1. Relief from the chronic back pain
  2. Limited movement of the back and torso
  3. Improved mobility- stable back

Can Spinal Fixation be detected in the future?

Spinal Fixation Surgery can be detected in the future with physical examination or imaging tests.

What are the options if Spinal Fixation fails?

In case of a failed Spinal Fixation Surgery, the doctor may suggest a revision surgery.

What are the alternatives for Spinal Fixation?

Few of the alternatives of Spinal Fixation are:

  1. Use of back braces
  2. Chiropractic readjustments (for misalignment's only)
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Yoga
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