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Zerostat VT Spacer

Manufactured byCipla Ltd.


  • It is an aerosol inhalation spacer device.

Zerostat VT Spacer is a chamber used in attachment with a metered dose inhaler to enhance the ease of inhalation of the medication. The device acts as a closed space in the form of a tube between the device and mouth and enables the patient to slowly and completely inhale the medicine from the inhaler.

How to use

Separate the two halves of the spacer by gently rotating and pulling them apart and clean them with water. Wipe them with a soft cloth or leave it to air dry. Take off the cap of inhaler, shake well, prime the inhaler and attach the device to the spacer and seal lips around the mouthpiece of the spacer depress the canister once to put on puff of the medicine into the spacer, and then take slow and deep breath through the mouthpiece to take in the medication, hold your breath for 10 seconds. Wait for one minute if you have to take more than one puff of the medicine.


Wash the spacer and store in a dry place. Make sure there are no foreign objects or particles in the container before using it.

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