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Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit

Manufactured byDr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd.


  • It is a one-step method for detection of pregnancy by examining hCG in the urine sample.

Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit helps to detect the HCG percentage in the woman’s urine sample to indicate whether a woman is pregnant or not.


  • Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit contains: 1 card for single use only
  • one desiccant
  • 1 dropper.
Directions for use

Collect first-morning urine in a clean container and draw some amount of specimen in a clean dropper and dispense 3 drops of the specimen onto the sample well of the pregnancy test device and wait for 5 minutes for an accurate result.

How to read the results

Two purple bands appear on the test device if the result is positive. One purple colored band appears on the test device if the result is negative. The test is invalid if dull or no lines appear which means there was not enough HCG in the urine to make a certain analysis, thus requiring the patient to repeat the test the next day with a new device.

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