Sweetex Pellets 100

Manufactured byReckitt Benckiser


  • These pellets are low calorie sweetening agent which gives same taste and satisfaction of normal sugar. It can be used by diabetic patients in their food.
  • It can be used in hot and cold drinks instead of sugar. It is suitable for use by diabetic patients who want to enjoy the sweet taste of sugar.
  • It also help in controlling weight as a part of low calorie diet.

Sweetex Pellets are substitute of sugar for diabetic and obese patients which gives the taste like natural sugar. One pellet is equal to taste of 5 grams of sugar

Key ingredients

Sodium saccharin, Silicon dioxide and Stearic acid

Direction for use

It can be directly added to hot and cold beverages and other diets where sugar is added


Keep the dispenser dry at all the time

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