Skinshine Fairness Soap 75 g

Manufactured byCadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


  • This soap is very much effective in fighting acne.
  • It reduces sebum and oil secretions on your face.
  • It clears dead cells from your skin.
  • It helps in improving whitening and complexion of the skin.

Skinshine Fairness Soap is an all round skin cleanser. It is very good in fighting against pimples and improving the complexion of the skin.


The main benefits of using this product are removing excess oil from your skin, as it has specially added ingredients like lemon fruit extract and orange peel extract, which help in clearing the dead cells from the skin.


  • Sodium palmitate
  • Lemon fruit extract
  • Orange peel extract
  • Tea tree oil
Directions to use

To be used only after the skin is wet. Massage and spread the foam on the skin. Leave it on the skin, wait for some time and wash well.


For external use only.

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