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Physiomer Baby Mist Nasal Spray 115 ml

Manufactured byWin-Medicare Pvt. Ltd.


  • It relieves blocked nose and stops runny nose and it is clinically proven for improving 45% of baby's breath.
  • It cleanes and restore baby's breathing from blocked nose.

Physiomer Baby Mist Nasal Spray is appropriate for your baby's delicate nose, from the moment of birth. It cleanses, moisturises and clears the blocked nose. It is ideal for small children up to the age of 2 years.


100% natural isotonic sea water, Sodium chloride, Minerals, and trace elements.


It removes dust and allergens from nasal passage and facilitates airway passage in a pleasant manner. It reduces cold and improves 45% of breath.

Direction for use

Place the tip of the container at the nostril of baby and spray. Repeat it in the other nostril too. Take away the mucus with the help of nasal aspirator.

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