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OneTouch Select Test Strip

Manufactured byJohnson & Johnson


  • This test strips is used for self-monitoring blood sugar levels with high accuracy within seconds and it is less painful
  • It is easy to use at home and it comes in standard packing of 10 testing strips

OneTouch Select Test Strip is new user-friendly which is used to check your blood sugar levels with high accuracy when used together with one touch glucometer. It helps to keep control of your blood sugar levels by frequent monitoring. It useful for diabetic patients to check blood sugar levels in home without going to doctor

Directions for use

Before pricking for a drop of blood wash your hands and dry them well. Then take the strip, prick your finger and apply a drop of your blood on the designated area of the test strip. Insert the test strip into One Touch Glucometer and it displays the reading within seconds


This strip in only for one time use and it should be used within 6 months after opening the test strip vial. Do not use if the strip is expired


Store this strips at room temperature and do not refrigerate the strips. Keep out of reach of children

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