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Omkar Adulsa Compound Syrup 400 ml

Manufactured byOmkar Ayurved Mandir


  • Adulsa is one of the best cough syrups in the market. Its non-alcoholic, non -narcotic formula gives the better relief from a sore throat, cough and more.
  • It gives the instant relief from irritation in the throat.
  • It makes phlegm dissolve and expels through a cough and as a result, gives the relief from throat irritation.

Adulsa is one of the best cough syrups used for a cough and in the market too. It gives the quick, safe and needed relief from bronchitis, cough, sore throat, and more. This can be administered to the children as well. This is safe for use.

Directions for use

1 or 2 teaspoons thrice a day with warm water or as directed by the physician


  • Adhatoda Vasica
  • Kantakari- Solanum Xanthocarpum
  • Sunthi-Zingiber officinale
  • Baheda

Store this syrup at room temperature protected from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Keep away from reaching out of children and pets. Ensure that the unused medicine is disposed of properly.

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