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Kids Pro Chocolate Powder 200 g

Manufactured byBritish Biologicals


  • The health drink is fortified with essential amino acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  • The health drink is chocolate flavored and fortified with DHA.
  • It provides 19% of protein, 32% of calcium out of daily value along with 28 essential amino acids and 5 nutrients for brain development per serving.

The health drink is fortified with all the essential vitamins, minerals and protein to provide the best supplementation to aid the needs of growing children.


The health drink is a nutritional food supplement to aid overall physical growth and development of the children. This powder can be used as a supplement for underweight children and children with eating disorders.

Directions for use

Add two scoops of Kids Pro Chocolate Powder into warm milk, Stir well and drink.


The health product is a dietary supplement and not to be considered as a dietary replacement.

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