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Japani Oil 15 ml

Manufactured byChaturbhuj Pharmaceutical Co.


  • This oil increases sexual libido in men.
  • It also helps in increasing sexual desire, reducing erection problems, treats sexual weakness, debility and also men's fertility by improving the quality of sperm.
  • This oil gives stamina and improves sexual life.
  • This is used for increasing male virility and sexual libido.

Japani Oil is an ayurvedic oil for stimulation in men.

Key Ingredients

  • Akarkara Root
  • Malla Mineral
  • Malkangni Seed
  • Keshar Stigma
  • Jaitoon oil
  • Harttal Mineral
  • Laung Flower Bud
  • Tilli Oil
Key Benefits

This oil acts as a simulator for men and helps in sexual life by increasing the sexual libido and improving the erectile problems. It also improves the quality of sperm.

Directions for Use

Massage 10-15 drops of Japani Oil before bedtime and in the morning.

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