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Chiropractor In Bangalore

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Doctorate in Chiropractic, BSc - Biotechnology

9 years experience


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Doctorate in Chiropractic

34 years experience


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Doctorate in Chiropractic

17 years experience


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Chiropractors in Bangalore

A Chiropractor is a health care professional who helps in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular ailments. The treatment is mostly concerned with the manual adjustment or the manipulation of the spine. These healthcare experts focus on reducing the pain of the patient, and at the same time try to improve the functionality of the body as well. In some cases, the chiropractors also act as guides for recommending exercises and therapies while treating the back pain for their patients.

Their basis of treatment stands on two fundamentals; the first theory suggests that the nervous system gets affected by biochemical and structural derangement of the spinal cord. The second belief focuses on restoring the structural integrity of the backbone by reducing the pressure at specific points. The speciality about the chiropractors is that they recommend alternative or complementary medicine for minimising the back pain.

Why should you consult a Chiropractor?

It is better to book a consultation with a Chiropractor if you experienceback pain due to an accident, muscle strain, or sports related injury. These health care professionals can also help you by reducing headaches or pain in neck, arm and legs. Sometimes their treatment process offers you relief from tissue injuries developed due to a traumatic event like falling from a height. They believe in adequately aligning the musculoskeletal structure, especially the backbone to help the body to heal by itself. Many patients prefer to consult a Chiropractor because they can avoid neurosurgery through this process.

What are the types of specialisations?

There are different types of specialisations that a Chiropractor can have. Few important ones include Chiropractic Diagnostic Imaging (DACBR) Specialist (they undergo specialised training for interpreting X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds results). Chiropractic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (DACRB) Specialist (They undergo additional training in physiologic therapeutics and rehabilitation for treating sports and accident related injuries). Chiropractic Acupuncture (DABCA) Specialist (they treat body pain through acupuncture).

How much do Chiropractor in Bangalore charge?

The consultation fees of the Chiropractors in Bangalore depend on their specialisation and the years of experience. ‘Complete Physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic’ charges around INR 200 for each visit. The fee of Dr Shiva Kumar (Sparsh Hospital) is approximately INR 450.

Top 5 Treatments available

Detailed below are the five most significant techniques used in Chiropractic procedures.

Gonstead technique

It involves an adjustment in the lower back and pelvic region of the patient.

Activator technique

Here the chiropractor applies a handheld instrument to deliver mild impulses to the spinal cord for treating lower back pain.


This process helps to treat herniation, joint pain, and scoliosis.

Thompson, or drop table, technique

Here the patient undergoes a subtle dropping motion in a specially designed table to cure spine pain.

Diversified technique

Here the chiropractor delivers precise hands-on thrusts for restoring the proper alignment of the spine.

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Chiropractor In Bangalore

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