Sleeping Problem Treatment

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Snoring Problem

I have snoring problem and due to this while sleeping it creates a huge sound. Also while snoring, sometimes it takes a long deep breathing and suddenly it stops with a huge sound and I wake up. It makes me to feel like I stopped breathing or my heart stops its beats and so suddenly I wake up and then my heart starts beating fastly for few minutes, this happens very often 1. Is this a big problem? 2. Why do I get snoring? 3. Is there solution to stop snoring permenantly? 4. Why do simetimes it takes a long deep breathing and suddenly it stops with big sound & I wake up? Please give me clear details and also the solution for this probelm, I am very upset with this problem :-(

Night before an exam

Im 17 yrs old studying in 12th standard. I can't sleep when i have an exam next day first happend when i was giving my first exam of class 11th. I mean if i go to bed at 2:00 am after completing my revision i can't sleep ...some times time passes ...and i realise its morning. Due to this i can't focus on my exam that day.


I can't sleep at night..if i go to bed at 11pm..i fall asleep around 2 to 3 am...if i get up around 7 to 8 am then the whole day i feel heavy...burning eyes...lack of concentration...sleepy etc . but if i get up around 12 pm...then i feel good and fresh...actually i get good sleep from 4 am to is it my sleep cycle changed or is it some other sleep related problem?

Disturbance in sleep

If while sleeping my mom wakes up due to any cause , be it any sound disturbance or any kind of disturbance , her whole body vibrates due to sudden increase in her pulse rate, n then she cant sleep for another 2 hrs till her body comes to normal, please suggest a solution for her problem m worried a lot.

Unable to sleep

I am unable to sleep without medicines and if i leave the medicines i suffer from other side effects also. I am taking clonotril and ola as medicine for being an entrepreneur