Sleeping Problem Treatment

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Body shake/jerk sleeping

Hello Doctor, sometime my body jerk or shake while sleeping its usually occurs while falling asleep, its happening from last 6-8 months history: i had breathing problem 3 year ago taken montek lc tablet 1year, still facing sometime breathing problem specially in winters but not taking any medicine from last 2 years

Major depression 3 years

I m currentlytaking escitalopram .The problem is nightmares . I can't sleep at night and if I do I get nightmares which breaks my sleep. I however can sleep at daytime. i take my med in morning . is there any thing which can help my sleep prob. i m studyng mbbs n i m unable to attnd clases bcz of this. have tried yoga.

Sleeping problems

I have my best concentration at night . So I usually study till late midnight (2 am) and wake up at 5 am in the morning . So i sleep only for 3 hrs in night But I take sound sleep in the day for 4 hrs (12pm-4pm). So is that fulfilling my sleeping quota or I am sleep deprived. Is it harmful or okay Plz guide me and suggest changes if any. Thanks

More sleep

I am a working person working for nearly 10 to 11 hours and as soon as I come home in the evening and sit at some place I start dozing I cannot stay awake if I am idle if I do some activity I continue that activity for some time and again sleep off please suggest some solution for this ailment

Always feel sleepy

I sleep alot but after waking up i still feel like sleeping more and more....this is my exam tine and i sont want to aleep more....i approximately sleep for 10 or 12 hrs. But after that also i feel sleepy and want to sleep more