Sleeping Problem Treatment

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Night before an exam

Im 17 yrs old studying in 12th standard. I can't sleep when i have an exam next day first happend when i was giving my first exam of class 11th. I mean if i go to bed at 2:00 am after completing my revision i can't sleep ...some times time passes ...and i realise its morning. Due to this i can't focus on my exam that day.

Body shake/jerk sleeping

Hello Doctor, sometime my body jerk or shake while sleeping its usually occurs while falling asleep, its happening from last 6-8 months history: i had breathing problem 3 year ago taken montek lc tablet 1year, still facing sometime breathing problem specially in winters but not taking any medicine from last 2 years

NightShift affectin sleep

I work in rotational shifts and have to work 6 or 7 night shifts per month. But I don't get sleep during day time. I can sleep for maximum of 3 hours. This is affecting my health very badly. Before this I never had habit of sleeping during day time. So now I am not able to sleep during day time after night shift. Is this any kind of disorder and if I consult any somnologist can he/she help this problem? Thanks.

Pease help(sleeping prob)

Last night I was thinking about future at that time I was feeling slight sleep but I continued day dreaming so at 1 am tried to sleep but no results tried all tricks(fails) stayed awake for entire night just had slight sleep of half hour between.Almost month ago this continued for 7 days wrost 7 days of my life. I'm student and this affects my studies badly. I try to stop my mind but it always fails.Please suggest something and it would be better if solution is possible at home

Sleeping disorder

Sometimes I wake up from sleep and see string-like structures floating in the air, and sometimes it's like the ceiling is coming down onto me. It is slightly scary for a second or two and then I realise that it's not real - a hallucination maybe? This started when I was 17 or 18 (although once I saw a robot-like silhouette in a similar situation when I was maybe 14) and it occurred only twice or thrice since then until about a couple of weeks ago the frequency of occurrence increased - I had these hallucinations 3 times already in two weeks! I haven't been a very happy person for a while now and I don't know if that has got something to do with this problem, but since it's all interconnected somewhere I'd like to know if I have some underlying neurological issues. I've read about this and it seems common but I'm still concerned. Hoping for a good answer. Thanks!