Sleeping Disorders Treatment

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I can't sleep at night..if i go to bed at 11pm..i fall asleep around 2 to 3 am...if i get up around 7 to 8 am then the whole day i feel heavy...burning eyes...lack of concentration...sleepy etc . but if i get up around 12 pm...then i feel good and fresh...actually i get good sleep from 4 am to is it my sleep cycle changed or is it some other sleep related problem?

NightShift affectin sleep

I work in rotational shifts and have to work 6 or 7 night shifts per month. But I don't get sleep during day time. I can sleep for maximum of 3 hours. This is affecting my health very badly. Before this I never had habit of sleeping during day time. So now I am not able to sleep during day time after night shift. Is this any kind of disorder and if I consult any somnologist can he/she help this problem? Thanks.

Disturbance in sleep

If while sleeping my mom wakes up due to any cause , be it any sound disturbance or any kind of disturbance , her whole body vibrates due to sudden increase in her pulse rate, n then she cant sleep for another 2 hrs till her body comes to normal, please suggest a solution for her problem m worried a lot.

Dreams disturbing sleep

I sleep very well in starting. But after few hours dreams are all over me to disturb my sleep. I am fully disturbed by them and i cant sleep full night and feel so heavy when i wake up. My Eyes are so heavy and i feel fully lethargic and exhausted full day because no sleep. I feel fear during sleep. Please tell any immediate way to improve sleep without any sleeping pills. My weight is 102 and height is 5ft 7 in.


Hello, I am troubling with my sleep everyday, past two years this is a consistent problem bothering me. It's hard for me to have an uninterrupted quality sleep. I rarely feel like sleeping in night. I focus not to stress but still something or other keeps rolling in my mind. Please guide me.