Sleeping Disorders Treatment

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Night before an exam

Im 17 yrs old studying in 12th standard. I can't sleep when i have an exam next day first happend when i was giving my first exam of class 11th. I mean if i go to bed at 2:00 am after completing my revision i can't sleep ...some times time passes ...and i realise its morning. Due to this i can't focus on my exam that day.

Body shake/jerk sleeping

Hello Doctor, sometime my body jerk or shake while sleeping its usually occurs while falling asleep, its happening from last 6-8 months history: i had breathing problem 3 year ago taken montek lc tablet 1year, still facing sometime breathing problem specially in winters but not taking any medicine from last 2 years

Sleeping problem

I sleep at nights 6 hours and afternoon its 2 hour sleep. So my question is thats why i feel lazy,if i didn't sleep at noon i am to exhausted at evening apart from that i goes sleep at daily routine time of night even i don't sleep at noon or may be due to allergy of dust cause cold. I don't confront whats the problem. Please give me right suggestion. Thank u

Repeated sleep

Iam 21yrs old.Married.i am getting sleep often.its so sleepy and tired.but i dont feel a good and sound sleep.but feel sleepy.i sleep but the sleep is not completed.what may be the problem.

Loss of sleepness

He cant able to sleep in nights as he tried many medicines...what can he do??? What will be the solution