Sleeping Disorders Treatment

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I can't sleep at night..if i go to bed at 11pm..i fall asleep around 2 to 3 am...if i get up around 7 to 8 am then the whole day i feel heavy...burning eyes...lack of concentration...sleepy etc . but if i get up around 12 pm...then i feel good and fresh...actually i get good sleep from 4 am to is it my sleep cycle changed or is it some other sleep related problem?

Disturbance in sleep

If while sleeping my mom wakes up due to any cause , be it any sound disturbance or any kind of disturbance , her whole body vibrates due to sudden increase in her pulse rate, n then she cant sleep for another 2 hrs till her body comes to normal, please suggest a solution for her problem m worried a lot.

Repeated sleep

Iam 21yrs old.Married.i am getting sleep often.its so sleepy and tired.but i dont feel a good and sound sleep.but feel sleepy.i sleep but the sleep is not completed.what may be the problem.

Loss of sleepness

He cant able to sleep in nights as he tried many medicines...what can he do??? What will be the solution

Pease help(sleeping prob)

Last night I was thinking about future at that time I was feeling slight sleep but I continued day dreaming so at 1 am tried to sleep but no results tried all tricks(fails) stayed awake for entire night just had slight sleep of half hour between.Almost month ago this continued for 7 days wrost 7 days of my life. I'm student and this affects my studies badly. I try to stop my mind but it always fails.Please suggest something and it would be better if solution is possible at home