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Severe Pain and swelling near lats

My mom 57 years old is having severe pain and swelling near Lats. The swelling is normal if she takes some rest in sleeping position.

Pain in deltoid / shoulder after workout

I am 50 years old. I started working out 5 days ago at a gym after long gap . I'm having constant throbbing pain in right shoulder/deltoid/ biceps etc. I can feel something (like trapped gas moving) from my chest down to my biceps. pls advise

Knee Replacement Surgery

My mother underwent a knee replacement surgery in year 2011 from Amritsar (our hometown). The surgery was a disaster as the stitches opened just 2 days after the operation resulting in high bleeding and infection. With medication, the wound healed somehow, however, my mother could never walk after words and she is still on bed completely dependent on others for even for her basic daily needs. I now reside in Delhi and I want to have my mother another surgery for same knee replacement done. Please advise if it is advisable to have second surgery as first one was a complete failure Further, what are the success rate of knee replacement surgery? Will my mother be able to stand and walk on her own ever?

Constant Pain in Shoulder

I have been having pain in my shoulder. Back side not in back or waist Whenever I move my right hand i could feel the pain. It happens as i take this side while sleeping but cant resist.

I frequntly feel pain in fingers muscle.

I often suffer from an unusual pain inside my fingers that is on the top.It hurt when the part touches or is pressed..the inner pain is very bad Its been a 2 months is that a serious issue?I also didnt get hurt the pain keeps transfering from one finger to other

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6 Daily Exercises for Strengthening Your Back

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Pregnancy and Pains - Let Us Take a Peek in the Details

While you are pregnant, your hormones go through a drastic change. Since you have a life growing inside you, you would experience various kinds of abnormalities. You will put on a lot of weight and your body would start to grow in terms of size. During this phase, ...

Pain Management: Why Is It Important

Most of the people suffer from different kinds of pain because of various reasons. Most of the people also tend to ignore it and move on. It is not advisable to ignore pain because you don’t know if that is casual or something serious to pay attention to. Avoiding pain will only make it ...

Does Relaxing Help in Curing Migraine?

Everybody encounters stress. Our bodies are intended to feel stress and respond to it. It keeps us ready and prepared to maintain a strategic distance from risk. Be that as it may, when anxiety holds on, the body starts to separate and diseases, similar to migraines and headaches can happen. One ...

10 Easy Steps to Protect Your Back

Most of us have desk job with a hectic life styles. We have to tackle long stress filled office hours sitting in your office chairs. Its essential you follow these simple rules to avoid getting back pain.Watch your sitting posture. If your work involves long working hours, get an ...

Dr. Yogesh Pithwa - Spine Surgeon
Dr. Yogesh Pithwa Spine Surgeon (FNB - Spine Surgery, MS - Orthopaedics, DNB - Orthopedics, MNAMS - Orthopaedics, Diploma in Orthopaedics, MBBS) 13 years experience Sattvik Spine Foundation
311 recommendations Jayanagar 9 Block, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Vinay Kumar M S - Orthopedist
Dr. Vinay Kumar M S Orthopedist (MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics) 10 years experience Disha Polyclinic And Health Care
3 recommendations Kaggadasapura, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Hirachand S Mutagi - Anesthesiologist
Dr. Hirachand S Mutagi Anesthesiologist (MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA), FFPMRCA) 22 years experience Dr. Sunny Medical Multispecialty Center
2 recommendations Bellandur, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Nagaraj.B.N - Orthopedist
Dr. Nagaraj.B.N Orthopedist (MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS) 22 years experience Sai Ortho And Dental Senter
2 recommendations Vijayanagar, Bangalore INR 350
Dr. Nitish Mandal - Spine And Pain Specialist
Dr. Nitish Mandal Spine And Pain Specialist (MD - Anaesthesiology, FIPM, MBBS) 7 years experience Reliv Pain Center
47 recommendations Jayanagar 4 Block, Bangalore INR 400