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Different anxiety management programs are conducted and anti-anxiety medicines are recommended to help the sufferers lead a healthy life.Disabilities caused by anxiety disorders can be prevented with prompt and early diagnosis. Individuals with anxiety disorder may suffer from phobias, panic disorder, compulsive disorder and social anxiety.

Different anxiety management programs are conducted and anti-anxiety medicines are recommended to help the sufferers lead a healthy life.Disabilities caused by anxiety disorders can be prevented with prompt and early diagnosis. Individuals with anxie ... More

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I'll try to be brief. This is my past: Bullied by family and people in school. Mother taking her stress out on me by beating me black and blue since I was a kid. Grew up hating the world and myself. Turned atheist when I was in 4th grade. Never accepted by anyone but my father. When I was 13-17 years I was extremely short tempered and burst out in anger for little to no reason at all. Always felt like a looser and a burden for everyone around me. I've learned to live with myself since 2 years, I've been extremely happy and rarely got angry. But today I was pissed , don't know why. My mother said something that wasn't even supposed to be all that irritating but I lost it, I burst out in anger and punched the wall like I used to do in my teens. Am I still depress because of my past?


Sir, I am serving in Army. I was a habitual drinker before 3 years. Now a days whenever I go to leave I loss my control and start drinking alcohol. As a result there is happen some family problems. My mind is fully disturbed. Often I feel very depressed which effects my professional life. I want release myself from these problems and want to live a peaceful social life. Please help me

Suicidal issue situation

I in relationship from years, now my parents fixed my marriage somewhere else, now my girlfriend not able to digest this news, she is trying but not able to control her emotions, and try to commit suicide. Plz suggest the way so that she can survive well with the coming situation, her parents are also searching for suitable match and i am sure she will settle soon, but it will take at least 6 month and i am getting married in next month, she is alone and staying in pg, plz help.

BPD and depression

I've struggled with Borderline Personality Disorder and varying degrees of depression since I was a teen. It wasn't easy for me to seek help but after a long time i did a few months ago. The doc prescribed treatment for my depression but wouldn't even discuss my BPD or my trichotillomania. The anti depressants and mood stabilisers prescribed made me feel miserable and I stopped them after ten days, never went back to the doc. I'm going through a worse phase right now with my depression but I'm hesitant to talk about the bpd again. Among other concerns I worry about requiring prolonged treatment which will be expensive And may lead to family and friends finding out about my condition. While I actually want to tell people close to me, unfortunately awareness and understanding of mental illness in our country is dismal. Please suggest if you have experience with treating BPD and what you think the best course of action is for me.

Dream feeling

Hi everyone In short i want to say since i stopped smokinh cannabis due to panic attack (8months ago) Frst 2 weeks were brutal.. Ryt now still i have dream feelings i mean i feel like everything around me it is like a dream or i m in a movie kinda..i feel like i have taken two three rips of cannabis... My mind is not alert and i feel dizzy if i do too much..i m exhausted very early Hard to concentration if i do that? I feel blurr and faint. Restless I feel insecure and fainting feeling to go far from my house. Its been 8months and i have not taken any medication cz i heard ders no cure by medicines and it can kill me. Or make me paranoid I m only child of my perents. I feel like my previous life doesn't exists I just look at my old pictures and cry I lost zest of living life.... Thanks for reading I did

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World Mental Health Day 2016

On this WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2016, lets pledge ourselves a healthy mind....! #Mentalhealthday #healthymindhappylife #proudpsychiatristWe often work hard on our physical fitness, on our looks and on what others perceive us as. But, we hardly think about the workhorse of our lives- OUR ...

The Emotional Roller Coaster: Borderline Personality Disorder

For someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BP) and for the parents, siblings, partner or children of those having BP, it is usually  a frustrating journey literally from hell to nowhere....your very own emotional roller coaster ride!How would you know if someone suffers ...

5 Ways to Battle Stress

Stress these days is a ubiquitous phenomenon and there is no escape; be it a homemaker, a student, a corporate worker or a retired govt employee. Accepting that we may sooner or later face it & prepare ourselves for the battle by arming ourselves with the right armaments well in advance ...

Risk Factors for Suicide in Teens and It's Prevention

Screening teens for suicide risk is among the recommendations in a new clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Adolescence. Suicide is now the second-leading cause of death for teens aged 15-19 years, having surpassed homicide since 2007. RISK FACTORS FOR ...

Self Help Tips to Manage Panic Attacks

When it comes to panic attacks, professional treatment and therapy can make a big difference. But there are many things you can do to help yourself, too:Learn about panic. Simply knowing more about panic can go a long way towards relieving your distress. So read up on anxiety, panic ...

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