Chromosome Analysis Amniocentesis Karyotyping Amniotic Fluid




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Chromosome Analysis Amniocentesis Karyotyping Amniotic Fluid

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Test Information

Amniocentesis is usally performed between 15 and 18 weeks of gestation to rule out chromosome abnormalities such as trisomies, deletions, translocations etc. Study can also be performed during later part of the pregnancy. The most common indications for chromosome analysis for prenatal diagnosis are AMA- advance maternal age, abnormal serum alphafetoprotein, abnormal first trimester or quad screen, abnormal noninvasive prenatal screening, family history of chromosome abnormality, abnormal fetal ultrasound, previous child with chromosome abnormality, parental anxiety. The specimen can also be used for additional studies such as Prenatal Aneuploidy Detection using Fluorescence in situ hybridization - FISH study.

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