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Test Information

The test is used to screen for any electrolyte or acid-base imbalances (the body's balance between acidity and alkalinity) and to check the effect of treatment on a known imbalance that is disrupting the proper bodily function of an organ. An electrolyte panel is sometimes included as part of a routine physical. It can be done as a standalone test or as part of a basic metabolic panel or comprehensive metabolic panel. The electrolyte panel is often used with hospitalized patients or those who are brought to the emergency room because acid-base and electrolyte imbalances are frequently part of acute and chronic illnesses. If a single electrolyte is found to be either too high or too low, the doctor will keep testing for that imbalance until levels are back to normal. If an acid-base imbalance is found, blood gas tests may be done. These measure the pH, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in an arterial blood sample to determine how severe the imbalance is and see how the patient responds to treatment. Electrolytes may also be tested if the patient is prescribed certain drugs, especially diuretics or ACE inhibitors.It is performed to confirm Head Injury, Heat Stroke, Renal Disorder and Seizures and also during treatment and after treatment of Head Injury, Heat Stroke, Renal Disorder and Seizures.

Also known as: Electrolytes (Na+ K+ Cl-) Test, Serum Electrolytes (Na+ K+ Cl-) Ion Selective Electrode Blood, Sr. Electrolytes Ion Selective Electrode Blood, Electrolytes (Na+ K+ Cl-), Serum Electrolytes (Na+ K+ Cl-), Sr. Electrolytes.

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