Select a Practo Plus healthcare plan
Practo Plus Benefits:
Experience continuous care with unlimited consultations
1 month plan
Covers 1 Adult
3 months plan
Covers 1 Adult
Annual Plan
Covers 1 Adult
24/7 access to doctors across all specialities
Consult for full family by mentioning the patient name before the consultation
Connect faster with top doctors over non-Plus plan users
Video consultations for clinic-like experience
Trusted by 2 crore+ users every month
Practo is the leading healthcare technology company in India. We began in 2009 and today we help 2 crore customers every month.
2 Crore+
Monthly Customers
Verified Doctors
5 Crore +
Doctor Appointments
Benefits of Plus membership
Unlimited online consultations with top doctors
  • Get all your health queries answered from any specialist online, any time of the day.
  • Connect under 2 minutes on text, call or video - available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • All online consultations are confidential. Only patient and the doctor can access the chats.
How does online doctor consultation work?
1. Select your symptom or preferred specialty
2. Top doctors will be auto-assigned to you in seconds
3. Consult with a doctor over text, audio or video call
Why people love Practo
"Fantastic experience with health test using practo plus. Didn't pay anything for test. I came to know my deficiency in vitamin where family doctor feature helped me with medicine."
Mini Agrawal
Comprehensive plan user
"24x7 Access to doctors in just 60 seconds, with 2 kids, one of them is bound to fall sick. Comes in super handy."
Prachi Gupta
Comprehensive plan user
Frequently Asked Questions
You can start your consultation from two sections on the Practo app home screen:
1. Clicking on "Start Free Consultation" button on the Plus Membership card
2. Clicking on "Instant Video Consultation" on the App Home Page
You can then select your speciality and start your free consultation.
Practo Plus can only be accessed from the Practo app. In case you have purchased the plan from the website, please download the app. Login with the same mobile number you had registered with at the time of purchase, to avail the benefits of the plan.
PLUS health plan members will have access to their own team of doctors on the Practo app across 20+ specialities.
1. You will be connected to a doctor in less than 60 seconds.
2. You will be able to communicate with the doctor through text, voice call, and video call.
3. Each consultation will be free of cost and will be completely private. Only the respective patient and the doctor will be able to access the consultation.
To prevent the abuse of Practo Plus plans:
1. You can use a maximum of 5 free online consultations per day per plan.
2. You can use maximum of 15 free online consultations per month per plan.
3. Each member can have 1 active doctor consultation at any given time. A consultation is considered active for 60 minutes
This has been done to ensure the doctor’s time is valued. If you reach any of these limits and still have a genuine need for consultation, feel free to reach out to our support for another free consultation.
Practo has a variety of doctors across 22 specialties including the most popular ones like general physicians, gynaecology, dermatology, paediatrics, and much more. All doctors that you will be connected to, are highly-qualified, well-experienced and all are verified by Practo. You can also see their complete profile at the time of the consultation.
List of Specialities:
1. General Physician
2. Gynaecology
3. Dermatology
4. Sexology
5. Psychiatry
6. Stomach and Digestion
7. Pediatrics
8. Ear, Nose and Throat
9. Kidney and Urine
10. Orthopedic
11. Neurology
12. Cardiology
13. Diet and Nutrition
14. Diabetes and Endocrinology
15. Eye and Vision
16. Dental
17. Breathing and Chest
18. Ayurveda
19. Homeopathy
20. Cancer
21. Physiotherapy
22. General Surgery
Psychological counselling is not covered under Practo Plus membership and has to be purchased separately.
At the beginning of each consultation, please mention the patient’s name, age, and gender in case you are consulting on behalf of a family member from your account. Please provide these details accurately to the doctor to consult on behalf of your family member. Only you can access the chats of everyone including your family members. The digital prescription generated at the end of each consultation can be downloaded as an image.
You can consult on behalf of upto 3 family members in the Practo Plus Plan.