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Dyslexia Association of India

Dyslexia Association of India

Dyslexia Association of India

Multi-speciality Clinic

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Sector 18, Noida

MZ-47, Center Stage Mall, Plot Number 01, Block L, Landmark: Near Radisson Blu Noida, Noida

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The Dyslexia Association of India is a registered charitable trust which believes that our nation's 250 over million children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities deserve every bit of the opportunity to succeed in school, work, and life.Prof. Singh is respected for his COUNSELLING SKILLS and Psychoanalysis ability with significant specializing in the field of RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING, ANXIETY THERAPY, MARRIAGE COUNSELLING & DEPRESSION THERAPY and Internationally recognized in the field of Cognitive Neuropsychology & Brain Neuroplasticity as well as learning disabilities like Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD etc, Child Psychology and Human Behavior Medicine. Prof. Singh - since his return to India in 2011 is the Head of the All India Body, the - Dyslexia Association of India™, which is a Not For Profit Organization recognized by the Govt. Of India.Often described as one of the most eminent thinkers in the field of Psychology Prof Singh is an influential psychologist who is playing a vital role in the cognitive revolution in the field of psychotherapy and is very effective where cognitive-behavioral approaches as a treatment approach - as a replacement to medication is concerned. According to one survey of professional psychologists, Prof Singh has been ranked as one of the most influential Psychotherapists at this time for therapy relating to Anxiety, Relationship’s, Depression and Marriage.Prof. Singh is a respected professional in the field of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Cognitive Hypnotherapy (CH), which combines gradual Hypnosis with CBT. He is also qualified in Logotherapy developed by neurologist and Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl a survivor of the Holocaust of World War II. Logotherapy combines Freudian psychoanalysis and Adlerian Individual Therapy and clients are able to overcome mental health issues without Medication. Depression, Urban Loneliness, Sadness and Mental Well-Being - will be the greatest challenge in the coming years & in his opinion - crucial and should not be ignored. These can be remediated with correct guidance and Therapy and - He encourages everyone not to suppress feelings - but seek out help, which can be provided with extreme confidentiality. Grief Counselling when a loved one passes on from this world and - is IGNORED in India is another aspect he believes should be delicately handled with appropriate Therapy and he encourages clients to come forward for assistance - to overcome this sad period. As a personal agenda Prof Singh Donates a significant part of his revenues for helping children from underprivileged familiesWe now believe in our personal and equivocal opinion that almost 35 percent to 45 percent children are being born every year with some form of a Learning Disability in India and the cumulative effect as we move forward is significantly worrying. The United States has already officially acknowledged the figure of 25% for their own country. In India, our figures can be much higher than shared. Having a social objective that firmly stands for helping children achieve, the Association strives to provide essential information and services to parents, teachers, students, professionals and individuals with learning disabilities. Our aim is to ensure that children are assessed and tested comprehensively using the latest cutting edge psycho educational and neuropsychological tools, on a non-profit or cost to cost basis. The Dyslexia Association of India™ and especially Prof. Singh believes that we - in India need to - promote interest, research and development programs to foster effective learning. The DAI advocates integrating children with comprehensively and specific learning differences into the mainstream of education and advocate for policies to protect and strengthen educational rights and opportunities for dyslexic children and those afflicted by dyslexia’s co-related morbidities. For Parents who bring children to us - Best in Quality Practice means that there is a clear emphasis on “One Client/Child - Appointment Per Day Only - Policy”. Being a member of the committee of Special Need Education of the C.B.S.E, the Testing & Screening reports for Learning Disabilities from the Dyslexia Association of India™ are reviewed, and concurred and then countersigned by a panel of doctors registered with the Medical Council of India, and the Rehabilitation Council of India, and are valid for submission to the C.B.S.E. He encourages every parent to have their child, from the age of 4 onwards to be Tested/Screened at least once for Dyslexia, and in the process, any form of a Learning Disability, which most likely are wide-ranging, genetically based Neurological Conditions. Prof. Singh Believes India is transitioning to Meritocracy and Academic Excellence and Mental Health & Well-Being will be and are crucial for children to Succeed in the coming years. In fact, all Testing and Screening Qualifies for Exemption under Section 12A and 80G of the IT Act as it is an All India Body and partnered with various Hospitals. Section 80G exemption - makes it very cost effective for Parents who can claim the expenses for testing back in their IT Returns.The Dyslexia Association of India is unique in being a non-profit assessment and educational organization that focuses expressly on needs relating to children and adults with dyslexia - and other special needs relating to education throughout the Delhi NCR region and also pan India sphere. We endeavor to help families, schools, and communities to understand Dyslexia, Autism, Autism, ADHD, identify the early warning symptoms and take responsibility for children who are displaying the differences. The Association believes that an increased public and professional awareness and understanding of Dyslexia - and what to do about it, translates into the correct and timely identification and remediation that enables us to truly walk on our chosen path of not leaving any child behind for want of correct information and effort.


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