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Rujul Diagnostic Care

Rujul Diagnostic Care

Sector 41, Noida
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Luteinising Hormone BLOOD
Also known as: LH test, LH, Luteinising Hormone.
Protein Total BLOOD
Also known as: Serum Total Protein Blood, Sr. Total Protein Blood, Protein Test. more...
Reducing Substances Stool
Also known as: Reducing Substances Automated Stool.
Urea Test
Also known as: Serum Urea Blood, Serum Urea, Urea Test Blood.
Also known as: Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase Blood, ALT Blood, SGPT Test. more...
C Reactive Protein Qualitative BLOOD
Also known as: CRP Qualitative Blood, C Reactive Protein Qualitative. more...
Gamma GT Blood
Also known as: GGT Test, GGTP Test, Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) Test. more...
Ketones Random Urine
Also known as: Ketones in Urine Test, Ketone Urine Test, Urine Ketone Test. more...
Micral 24 Hour Urine
Also known as: Microalbuminuria 24 Hour Urine, Microalbumin 24 Hour Urine.
ALC Automated Blood
Also known as: Absolute Lymphocyte Count. more...
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