Greater Noida

City Medical Center

City Medical Center

Greater Noida, Noida
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Absolute Eosinophil Count Automated BLOOD
Also known as: AEC Automated Blood, Absolute Eosinophil Count, AEC.
Absolute Neutrophil Count Automated BLOOD
Also known as: ANC Automated Blood, Absolute Granulocyte Count Automated Blood. more...
AFB Zn Stain Microscopy SPUTUM
Also known as: Acid Fast Bacilli Zn Stain Microscopy Sputum.
Antistreptolysin O Test
Also known as: ASOT Automated Blood, Antistreptolysin O Titre Automated Blood. more...
Bilirubin Total BLOOD
Also known as: Bilirubin test, Bilirubin Total.
Bilirubin Total Direct and Indirect BLOOD
Blood Grouping with RH Factor Slide Method BLOOD
Also known as: Blood Grouping with RH Factor Slide Method.
CA 15 - 3
Also known as: Breast Cancer Antigen 15-3 Monoclonal Antibody Blood. more...
Cholesterol Test
Also known as: Serum Cholesterol, Sr. Cholesterol, Cholesterol Total. more...
Creatinine Conventional
Also known as: Serum Creatnine Conventional Blood, S Creatinine Test. more...