Malad East

Sushila Pathology Laboratory

Sushila Pathology Laboratory

Malad East, Mumbai
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Absolute Monocyte Count Automated BLOOD
Also known as: Absolute Monocyte Count, Absolute Monocyte Count Automated Blood.
Acid Fast Bacilli Zn Stain Microscopy Sputum
Also known as: Acid Fast Bacilli Zn Stain Microscopy Sputum. more...
Alkaline Phosphatase BLOOD
Also known as: Alk PO4 Blood, Alk Phosphatase Blood, ALP Blood, Serum ALP Blood. more...
Serum AST Automated Blood
Also known as: AST Automated Blood, SGOT Test, Serum AST Automated Blood. more...
Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Also known as: Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Automated Blood, Beta HCG test. more...
CRP Qualitative Blood
Also known as: CRP Qualitative Blood, C Reactive Protein Qualitative. more...
Tumour Marker CA 125
Also known as: Ovarian Cancer Antigen 125, Ovarian Cancer Marker 125. more...
Total Calcium
Also known as: Total Calcium Ion specific Electrode Potentiometric Method Blood. more...
Chikungunya Immunochromatography BLOOD
Also known as: Chikungunya Immunochromatography Blood.
Culture and Sensitivity Anaerobic STOOL
Also known as: C/S Anaerobic Stool, Culture And Sensitivity Anaerobic Stool.