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KPHB, Hyderabad
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AST test
Also known as: AST Automated Blood, SGOT Test, Serum AST Automated Blood. more...
Bilirubin Total
Also known as: Bilirubin test, Bilirubin Total Blood.
Bleeding Time and Clotting Time Capillary Tube Method BLOOD
Also known as: BT CT Capillary Tube Method Blood, BT CT Test. more...
BT Ivy Method Blood
Also known as: Bleeding Time Ivy Method, BT Ivy Method. more...
CA 19 - 9
Also known as: Pancreatic Cancer Antigen 19-9 Monoclonal Antibody Blood. more...
CEA test
Also known as: Serum CEA test, Carcinoembryonic Antigen, CEA, Serum CEA. more...
Chikungunya Immunochromatography BLOOD
Culture and Sensitivity Anaerobic STOOL
Also known as: C/S Anaerobic Stool.
Fasting Urine Sugar
Also known as: Glucose Fasting Random Urine.
Also known as: Fasting Blood Sugar, Glucose Fasting, Sugar Fasting. more...
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