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DLF Phase II, Gurgaon
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24 Hours Urine Potassium
Also known as: Potassium (K) 24 Hour Urine, Potassium 24 Hour Urine.
24 Hours Urine Protein / Creatinine Ratio
Also known as: Urine PCR Test, PCR Urine Test. more...
5 - Hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5 - HIAA) 24 Hours Urine
Also known as: 5 Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid 24 Hour Urine. more...
Albumin Blood
Also known as: Alb Test Blood, Alb Blood, Serum Albumin Blood, Sr. Albumin Blood. more...
Anaemia profile
Also known as: Anemia Profile, Iron Saturation Test, Anemia Profile Blood.
Anti Hepatitis A Virus - IgG (Anti HAV - IgG)
Also known as: HAV Antibodies IgG ELISA Blood. more...
Anti Hepatitis A Virus - IgM (Anti HAV - IgM)
Also known as: HAV Antibodies IgM ELISA Blood. more...
Anti Phospholipid Antibody - IgG
Also known as: APL Antibodies IgG ELISA Blood, APA Antibodies IgG ELISA Blood. more...
Anti Phospholipid Antibody - IgM
Also known as: APL Antibodies IgM ELISA Blood, APA Antibodies IgM ELISA Blood. more...
Antinuclear Antibodies Titer
Also known as: Antinuclear Antibodies Titer Immunofluorescence Blood.

APAC Biotech (P) Ltd., An upcoming biotechnology company involved in research based Dendritic Cell therapy and preparing formulation to arrest the growth and cure of cancer is first of its kind in India. While, we prepare ourselves for a larger cause of fighting Cancer, we also see our growth, contributing to the country’s progress which is fast emerging as a medical holiday destination.

It was the foresightedness of two enterprising visionaries, Mr. Sanjiv Jain & Mr. Arun Mehra who came up with novel idea of bringing up a DC research Lab in India thus putting us ahead on the medical landscape by introducing upcoming technologies much in advance than others.

Both these visionaries laid a foundation of APAC BIOTECH in 2010, an organization based at Gurgaon that took an initiative to make a breakthrough innovation in the field of Dendritic Cell Therapy. At APAC Biotech we took an initiative to design & develop a world class lab with state-of-art infrastructure and facilities to mature the DENDRITIC Cells. Technology alone could not have made it possible which was complemented by acquiring best of breed Doctors, Scientists, Research Professionals, Technicians & support staff. This lab is a state of art facility with the best of modern scientific equipments that help to develop a quality formulation.


No.69, Jacaranda marg, dlf phase 2, gurgaon, DLF Square, Gurgaon - 122002, DLF Phase II, Gurgaon