ClinRad Diagnostics & Research Centre

ClinRad Diagnostics & Research Centre

Indiranagar, Bangalore


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ClinRad Diagnostics started with a vision to provide world class diagnostics at affordable prices to all sections of the society. The diagnostic division is well supported by the state of the art laboratory spread over an area of 3000sft in second floor. The lab is equipped with high end equipment and well trained and qualified technical and professional staff, well supported by the board of directors.

The lab provides clinical biochemistry services including high end test, Hematology and immunohematology, clinical pathology, Microbiology & serology, Cytopathology and Histopathology investigations.

The clinical biochemistry section is equipped with state of the art equipment form Roche diagnostics. Routine biochemistry, hormones, tumor markers tests and special chemistry tests are performed. HBA1c is performed in the lab by HPLC method on D-10 from Biorad. Hematology section is well equipped with automated six part cell counter from Abbott Diagnostics, an automated ESR equipment and semi-automated coagulation analyzer. The clinical pathology section is equipped with automated urine analyzer from Roche. Microbiology & Serology sections are equipped with ELISA reader and washer from Transasia and Bio-Rad. All infectious and auto immune serology testing is done. In addition, allergy testing is done by using reagents from Euroimmune. Routine bacterial and fungal cultures are done in the microbiology section.

Histopathology section is equipped with manual processing and rotary microtome. Routine histopathology, special stains and routine IHC stains are done.

FNACs and PAP smears are processed in the cytopathology section of the lab. The main strength of the lab is the stringent internal quality control procedures at every step of the assay and strict adherence to SOPs. The lab participates in approved EQA programs with very good results.

The lab has a strong IT support where all major equipment are bi-directionally interfaced there by typographical errors are avoided. The lab reports are available on-line

Equipments used in Clinrad are as follows,

  • MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova
  • 1.5T HDxt MRI of GE
  • BRIVO 385 CT scanner
  • ULTRASOUND: Advanced Technology Platform\ The GE Voluson E8
  • Dexa machines – DPX NT pencil beam Total Body Bone Densitometry system from GE


#725, CMH Road, 1st Stage, Landmark : Near CMH Hospital, Bangalore, Indiranagar, Bangalore
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ClinRad Diagnostics & Research Centre, Indiranagar
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