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Multi-Speciality Clinic

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Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

8-2-611/10, Banjara Hills Road Number 10, Beside Indo-Arab League Masjid, Landmark: Near Star Hospital, Hyderabad

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There are lots of different ways to be “smart;” intelligence is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Each of us has a brain, and as far as brains go we all carry the same stock hardware equipment. But no two brains are alike. Our different personalities are the proof. With over 18 years of knowledge and expertise in electro homeopathy has helped his product make a mark in the commercial market. People say that gifted doctors have very different natural talents and innate abilities. Dr. Shuja Khan is one among those.The human body is a complex physical system; doctors who love their work are natural troubleshooters of spatial problems. A doctor who loves his jobs is warm, caring and friendly, Personality-wise; Dr. Shuja Khan is an extrovert, spending much of the day seeing a steady stream of patients and in research.Dr. Shuja Khan applies life sciences and physical sciences to diagnose problems. His high knowledge in electro homeopathy has helped him diagnose accurate conclusions to solve complex problems. Success in medicine requires a natural gift for quickly seeing unobvious connections between unrelated clues. There is a major difference, however, in how each uses this ability. Electro Homeopathy is the safest form of medicine this research has brought him to a state wherein his extensive practice has helped his product Gymnema Sylvester the Diabetic Cure Remedy make a proud product from the stable of Electro Homeopathy.A person was once bestowed by the success of allopathic drugs is now the flag bearer of electro Homeopathy. Having a state of art facility, his research centre for extraction of natural spagyric essence for better health is what makes his product “Gymnema Sylvester the Diabetic Cure Naturally” has an edge over the other OTC products flooded in the market in the name of eradicating the disease called DIABETES.Dr. Shuja Khan says "ELECTRO-HOMEOPATH'S" ARE THE DOCTORS OF THE FUTURE..!!Who can not only treat chronic & dreadful diseases but can cure them with natural remedies (herbs), that too without any side effects! Electro Homeopathy Medical Practitioners association has a major role in making this happen.In this therapy, energy is extracted from the plants and utilized for making remedies. Electro homeopathic therapy is safe for all. Therefore, persons of all age group can use this remedy for curing any sort of problem, and then be it acute or a chronic disease. The remedy is suggested to the patient after studying his entire background. Electro homeopathy uses only the physical properties of non-poisonous plants to heal the patients and not the chemical ones.Thus, electro homeopathy has no side effects.


21 years experience

Electro Homeopath

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